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Thursday, March 20, 2014

DJ Clock ft Beatenberg "Pluto" (Remember You) Official Music Video Released!

The video for the song of the summer has just been released. Upbeat and infectious, DJ Clock’s “Pluto (Remember You)” featuring Beatenberg, speaks to all genres and music lovers alike. Having conquered the airwaves, the amazing new video will take this number one single to the next level.


DJ Clock’s “Pluto (Remember You)” featuring Beatenberg has been the most played song on SA radio for the past four weeks, reaching number one on a selection of radio stations across South Africa. “Pluto (Remember You)” reached the no.1 spot on all massive radio stations; YFM, 5FM, Highveld and KFM, making it undoubtedly the hit song for summer 2014.
Making a video to matches the energy and vibe of such a hit song is never an easy task, but with a unique concept and entertaining storyline, Pilot Films hit a home run. The video was shot over two days in the picturesque Cape Town, Beatenberg’s home ground. It’s a fresh and fun video following Beatenberg and DJ Clock as they travel through the Mother City and its surrounding areas.
The plot of the video sees each of the band members and DJ Clock daydreaming about their personal encounter with Demi, the female lead. They all drift off into a daydream where they’re with her and as soon as they try to tell the other guys about her, she disappears. As they venture through the city each one of the guys experience their own vision with her, to the disbelief of the other guys.

At the end of the video they find themselves taking in the view of the Cape Town city skyline, each guy then sees a vision of Demi’s face in the moon and comes to the realisation that they’ve been dreaming about the same girl all along.
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