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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SERIOUS Allegations have sufficed from angry Limpopo people that popular Metro FM DJ Sbu is "HIV Positive"!

" di bari tsa ko Limpopo "

IT'S sad that nowadays people are insulted through these so-called open sh*t letters! Normally open letters are laced with hate and malice! The Limpopo people are furious with South African DJ Sbu who apparently called them "Stupid"! Only DJ Sbu knows if there's any truth to the following allegations.

Honestly this letter is not addressing any wrong-doing by DJ Sbu but throwing serious insults that some cannot be proven even in a court of law. We are not siding with DJ Sbu at all. Here are the letters below: 

"I don't see any reason of getting angry at Dj Sbu after he said all people from Limpopo are stupid. We know

that Limpopians are ruling majority at universities, colleges, private companies, all over the 9 different provinces.

Sbu is HIV positive and he survives by ARVs he's treated by educated private doctors who were born and raised in Limpopo so just leave that stupid uncircumcised idiot who was dumped by Terry Pheto after she found out that his infected with HIV, we all knows that his ex (GF) committed suicide at JHB (Johannesburg) hotel after finding out the nigger gave her HIV,so in Limpopo a stupid is a Man who's not Circumcised who can die any time from now actually before end of March (if not

rea o loya wena Sbu).

We know Sbuda was sent by ANC to say this words after ANC realised that a young Man born and raised in Seshego by the name of Julius Malema is making the parliament officials to burn in their asses in those parliament seats after he's promising heaven and earth to the fellow South Africans politically."

Vusi Sambo wrote:

"I urge all people of Limpopo NOT to buy any music CD of any member of the TS Record owned by DJ Sbu. If you like any of their music Bree street is the place R5 MP3 if your good in negotiating u can get it by R3. He called us " di bari tsa ko Limpopo " let's show him how stupid we are. This is a democratic country and it doesn't mean you have to undermine other people because of their originality.

DJ Sbu forgets that those who left ANC to be part of EFF their business have suffered a lot and now he is calling us di bari tsa ko Limpopo? He don't know if we can declare a serious boycott now of buying the music from his recording company nobody will ever take him serious? I personally, DJ Sbu was never my favourite and I think its high time to teach him a lesson not to take serious anything that has to do with him. I'm sure di bari tsa ko Limpopo as DJ Sbu called us heard me what I'm saying, don't buy anything that has to do with him."

All we saying if the Chairman of Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation who does motivational talks around the country - then he's surely a bad example to kids and youth out there.

However, his HIV status remain his private issue...

GoXtra News sent an email to DJ Sbu and we are still waiting for his response. 

Intro compiled by Buchule Raba (Editor GoXtra News & Publisher Swagg Online Kulcha Magazine)

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