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Friday, February 28, 2014

e-toll: South African National Roads Agency Is Observable With Crooks!


MR/MISS/MRS/Prof/DR South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL)/ Electronic Toll Collection!

Let me first concede the receipt of your invoice that was issued on the 13/02/2014.

This invoice with VPC Account ID 11095703341, my vehicle’s registration number (correct) states that on the 13/02/2014 – 13/02/2014 (First page) I used or passed your e-toll gates, and I come clean to this to be correct because I passed two gantries when I was visiting my friend from the deep South of the City of Johannesburg, in Naturena to be the exact – but the date stated is a lie because I went there on the 17/02/2013 (Second page).

This invoice with no document reference number, however states two different dates as noted above which shows lack of precision towards your billing system.

On this invoice there’s a VAT rate of 14% and the VAT amount is R2.22 plus amount including VAT is R15.87 and the total I see here amounts to R18.09. It further states that the discounted amount (incl. VAT) before the expiry date is R7.09. The date of which the discount expires is is 15/03/2014.

This invoice has showered me with a temperate shower that has applausible substantiation such as the pictures of my vehicle Polo 6 Metallic Gray and the correct times that I also recorded when I was passing the e-tolls. The first was at 05:48:44 (going) and the second transaction was at the same day at 09:05:06 pm and I acknowledge this to be spot on.

In spite of this, I see that I am abused as a citizen of this country on the second invoice that is now, issued the following day after the initial one (14/02/2014). Again with no document reference number, with my vehicle plate and my ID number which you obtained through my license plate. It states (Bullshit, blatant lies and utter rubbish) that on the 14/02/2014 to 14/02/2014 (remember this is the date you issued the first invoice on) that I used the e-toll gate(s). On the second page, this bloody confused invoice state that I used the e-toll from the 09/01/2014 – 14/02/2014! What a damn lie! On these dates that are all wrong I never used the e-toll roads at all and the dates on the first invoice it was the frist time I actually used these apartheid e-tolls.

Supplementary, this invoice shows no applausible evidence that I indeed used these e-tolls – there are no times of me passing there and there are no pictures of my vehicle passing there which means it agrees with me when I say it’s blantant lies!

The second invoice is issued with two different dates for discount expiry dates (Like really?) which are the 15/03/2014 and 09/03/2014, plus two different amounts for discounted rates which are R10.85 and R35.76. It also has a debit amount that amounts to R18.09 (copied from the first invoice that I acknowledge). This invoice has not VAT rate and amount like the initial invoice but a balance amount which totals to R58.83 cents.

The design of the template of the second invoice is not the same as the initial invoice at all. The way amounts are displayed gives you an idea about some stupidity and crookedness which brings me to the conclusion that SANRAL is a crook with cracks.

I want to repeat again this invoice in question was issued on a date that follows the initial invoice as stated above.

I am not a bamboozle and I will never be one! If this is how the ANC led government is holding back the people of South Africa – then we are indeed in a Banana republic! We were never consulted as the public when the government assembled these e-tolls, but we were informed when it was indeed time to reimburse! How fair is this to people of the country that claims democracy! The Zuma government has failed the people of this country… I truly regret to be a South African citizen at this very split second.

We are being robbed with limited access to our roads – this government is worse than the apartheid government or rather these e-toll are a way of a dompass in a more educated way? If this is the freedom the ANC is talking about, well, you might as well as go to hell because I am not going to subscribe to bullshit, only because it’s an unpleasant odour!

I am not going to pay the second invoice and as a rightful citizen who abides with the law of this country of e-tolls that was forced I am going to honour the first invoice because it proved beyond reasonable doubt that I indeed passed these e-tolls on the 17/02/2014.

Disclaimer: GoXtra News is an entertainment publication, as the publisher I have decided to share my recent experience with my beloved readers. The views expressed here do not represent GoXtra News but are that of the concerned writer: MR Buchule Raba Follow me on Twitter @BuchuleB

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