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Thursday, January 9, 2014

50 Cent's SIRE JACKSON is a cute baby boy!

Blackcelebkids reported that Sire Jackson is instant in and out of season when it comes to pictures. The youngest son of rapper 50 Cent was recently captured in a photo shoot, looking fresh and clean in a cute hat and tan shirt. Sire placed his gaze on the camera’s lens as photographers took wonderful pictures of him. The toddler had was in model mode as he tilted his head to the side for a perfect shoot.
According to the website Sire has been hard at work promoting his father’s new line of headphones.
The little one was featured on 50 Cent’s Instagram page while wearing the phones a few weeks ago, advertising well for the rapper who debuted his line last year.
Fifty tells media that his passion for music drove him to create a set of headphones that emulated what professionals use in the studio. “For me [the earphones are] an extension of my passion for music,” says the rapper.
“I know other people are hearing it the way it was intended to actually be heard. [With] these products,Timbaland helped develop the sound. I sent him the DJ headset and he liked that one the most because it’s the closest thing to the [headphones] we use in the studio. Later on, he came back around and [asked to be] involved, so he ended up investing.”
Fifty Cent has two kids.

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