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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Actress and TV Presenter Boity Thulo names Mzansi's Favourite Celkebrity in Annual Heat Hot 100 Poll!

Pic: Lourens Reyneke
Top Three In 2013 Heat Hot 100 From South Africa – First Time In Ten Year History!

After thousands of votes, actress & TV Presenter Boity (Boitumelo) Thulo (23) has been named South Africa’s favourite celebrity in the ultimate celebrity popularity test, the tenth annual heat Hot 100 (Refreshed by KFC Sparkling Krushers).

The highest ranking international celebrity is Lady Gaga at number four, which makes it the first time in the history of heat Hot 100 that the top three consist of South African celebrities (Elvis Blue #2, Minnie Dlamini #3).

Although not featuring on the list during 2012, Thulo managed to jump right into the top position this year - not surprising if one takes in account that she has more than 160 000 Facebook followers and more than 180 000 Twitter fans!

Editor of heat magazine, Andre Neveling, comments: “Boity’s bubbly personality is infectious, so it’s no wonder her rise to fame has been so fast. In a short space of time, she’s managed to gather a massive fan base who came out to support her in the heat Hot 100 this year.”

Neveling adds that as a talented presenter and actress who oozes style, together with her down-to-earth humility which makes her approachable and instantly likeable, is what makes Thulo a worthy winner of the title.

Thulo says that she heard the news that she was voted as SA’s favourite celebrity from her manager, Lorinda Voges (owner of 4Elements): “I kept saying to her – are you sure? Once I realised it was true, I was overwhelmed with intense emotions of excitement. I couldn’t believe it! This is huge!”

She says that this honour bestowed on her will no doubt have a tremendous impact on her career. “To be voted as the winner of heat Hot 100 is something I’m so proud to add to my resume. I only asked my Facebook and Twitter followers to please vote for me once, as I didn’t want to be a pest about it. Clearly I have the most incredible fans as they certainly rose to the party! I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude,” she says.

Thulo says that her future plans are to focus on her acting career.

Commenting on the rest of the results, Neveling says: “The votes were interesting this year, with lots of newcomers making the list. However, the big fan bases were evident and supported their idols in large numbers.” In total, 55 new celebrities made it onto the heat Hot 100 list. Impressively, 40 of the top 100 celebrities are South African.

Ryk Neethling was the first South African to win heat Hot 100 in 2008, and successfully defended his title in 2009 and topped the poll again last year. Other previous winners were Victoria Beckham (2004), Brad Pitt (2005), Johnny Depp (2006), Wentworth Miller (2007), LCNVL (2010) and Oscar Pistorius (2011).

In conclusion, Thulo says: “To everyone who voted for me, I want to thank you whole heartedly – this means the world to me! You have no idea!” 

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