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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Xhosa Rapper iFani to rock Maftown Heights 2013!

Xhosa rap extraordinaire, iFani, is a breath of fresh air to the South African Hip Hop industry. Highly talented both as an MC and a rapper, iFani’s entry into the market has been a chart topping one. With his unique look and lyrical ability, iFani made sure he would not go unnoticed and has had the public in awe since releasing his first single Ewe.

Born in Mthatha and raised in the Port Elizabeth locations of New Brighton and Motherwell, iFani today is known as the hilarious, witty, punchline-master and overall creative MC from the Eastern Cape.

iFani’s career path was not always music. As a University of Cape Town BSc (Hons) Computer Science & BSc (Computer Engineering) graduate, iFani started off in the corporate world where music was something he did on the side. From 2005 to 2009 iFani was an underground rapper who went from battles to ciphers to releasing mix tapes and heading to Hip Hop shows around the country.

He has now been nominated for “Album of The Year”, “Most Valuable”, “Best Video – Milli”, “Best Male”, and “Song of The Year - Milli” for the upcoming South African Hip Hop Awards 2013 taking place tonight.

What do you think is the relevance of indigenous language in giving African Hip Hop a unique, exportable identity?
 Language is part of a human's identity. Adding or creating music in your own language makes that music unique to your identity. So as an African rapper, like myself, vernac is part of my identity. It's a huge part of what makes me African.

What are you looking forward to the most about performing at Maftown Heights this year?
It's my first time. I'm looking forward to the atmosphere, the crowd, the music, the vibe and of coz my own performance set :)

Why should people come see you at Maftown Heights this year and what can they expect?

My performance set is designed to entertain. If entertainment is what you need, then you must experience my set at least twice in your lifetime. Expect a guy who gives his best to what he enjoys the most.

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