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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Unusual Boob Job: New Tweeting Bra, A High Tech Bra That Tweets Every Time It Is Unhooked!

I can’t stop laughing about this Tweeting Bra and how mothers can buy their daughters to wear it every time they go to school! This can help in terms of knowing if she’s at school or busy taking off that bra.

LOL! They should design a Tweeting panty that will allow a person a certain time to relieve themselves and tweet back when the person is done!

So how does this bra works?, easy every time it is unhooked it sends a message your mobile phone, mobile phone sends to a server and boom a tweet remind a woman to do her monthly self breast tests is generated.

But the tweeting bra was created by Fitness® for the fight against breast cancer.

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