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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mi Casa’s Jika goes number one on the UK’s BBC Radio 1 Xtra!

Not only has Jika been the most played song for 12 weeks in a row on South African radio stations, but now they have topped the charts on BBC’s Radio 1 Xtra! 

Having toured all over Africa for the last few months since the release of Su Casa in August, Zimbabwe and Nigeria can finally get their share of the super group this month (November).

Micasa Music is a house band based in Johannesburg, South Africa and consisting of 3 members, Dr. Duda (producer) and pianist, Jsomething (vocalist and guitarist), and Mo-T (trumpeter).

The band was formed in early 2011 in Johannesburg when all three future members were at a night lounge and decided to perform together. A few months later, they released an album titled Micasa Music, which "went gold" quickly and won several awards at the 18th Annual MTN South Africa Music Awards in 2012.

The band received a lot of attention from the public in late 2011. Their hit single "These Streets" was taken from the album Micasa Music. which showcased the unique urban jazz sound of the band. It was not long before the band was on every major South African radio and music video chart at number 1, where it remained for weeks. The band went on to open for a number of major international acts, including The Layabouts, Reel People, Tortured Soul, and YMCMB hip-hop and rhythm-and-blues sensation Drake (entertainer).

Current albums:
- Micasa Music (2011) 
- Su Casa (2013)
For more gig information, visit


Connect with Micasa:

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