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Saturday, November 2, 2013

INJURY PICTURES: The drama that went down between rapper Khuli Chana and Cops!

The management team of the SAMA award-winning artist, Khuli Chana, have noted with concern disparaging media reports that he misled the public as to the actual events that occurred in the early hours of Monday morning during which he was shot and wounded by members of the South African Police Service.

For the record, the members of SAPS were present in an unmarked vehicle and had no identifiable features to denote that they were members of the police. It is common cause that they were there on duty as a crime had been perpetrated. It is also common cause that several shots were fired at our client who was not involved in the said crime.

Our client has since given his statement to the police – whose very own members now face scrutiny for their actions – and vehemently rejects assertions by eyewitnesses who were themselves assisting the police. These individuals have publicly praised the work undertaken by the SAPS during the incident which we, obviously view in a different light.

Notwithstanding this, our client is currently recuperating and receiving all the necessary medical assistance available to him given the harrowing experience that he has been through. In addition, he has briefed his legal team who are in the early stages of taking corrective measures.

We are mindful that, given the high profile nature of the case and immense public interest in the matter, a lot of misinformation has been circulated. We would like to state that our client stands by his story and, when he is ready, will reveal the actual events of that fateful day.

In the meantime, we have confidence in the police and prosecuting authorities as they investigate the matter.

Update by Sheila Afari...

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