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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PICTURES: Donald Moatshe BEFORE and AFTER!

Donald Now.
Since the release of his album Train of Love - musician Donald Moatshe has changed a lot. It is evident that money indeed, does change a person.

The singer released his first album (epic fail) titled Just Donald under DJ Cleo. By the look of images one might say he was still a struggling musician though under one of South Africa's successful artists DJ Cleo.

Train of Love is still appreciated by many South Africans since its release and Donald has been nothing but AMAZING! This can clearly state that the well known DJ did not justice to the musician's career while under him.
Donald Moatshe (now)
Donald Moatshe before money:

Here we met Donald early last year talking about his album Train of Love.

Donald defined what is success by leaving DJ Cleo, though he claims there was no bad vibe between him and the DJ. All we know is that Brickz who's currently facing rape charges didn't leave the DJ on a happy note.

Back to Donald - we are happy for your success and transformation but you still need to work on that 6 pack before you go topless on stage!

It's Crazy but Amazing how he has changed!

By Staff Writer
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