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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SABC2 has launched a sterling drama series Geraamtes In Die Kas!

On Tuesday we headed to the official launch of Geraamtes In Die Kas (Skeletons In the Closet) a brand new Afrikaans drama series that premiered on SABC2 at 7:30pm. 

Relax if you don't know Afrikaans, the series have nice English subtitles to keep you hooked and in stitches for the entire duration. Trust me, you won't miss a single laugh!

The drama is set in the world of four psychiatrists and psychologists as they balance their chaotic lives: patients, families, careers while maintaining their own sanity. 

Viewers can expect to get into the minds of a no-nonsense criminal psychologist, Susan Brink (played by Anel Alexandra), a hippy music therapist (Wayne Van Rooyen), an ego-stroking sex therapist (Vuyelwa Booi), and an internationally acclaimed psychiatrist (Gys De Villiers) who finds himself in a mid-life crisis when he can’t stop arguing with his dead father. 

As we viewed the drama series on Tuesday in Houghton, I kept on imagining how great is it compared to SABC1's Generation - not to be silly but honesty must be visible when needed! Bravo to the creators and cast of Geraamtes In Die Kas!

The great drama series illustrates our profound unity as humans, segmented only by different mental problems, riddled with ironic smiles and tears of recognition that will unite everyone who has ever had a breakdown, breakout and breakthrough.  
The series was shot over a period of 12 weeks and features scenes taken at a beautiful Houghton styled mansion turned into a private practice for the residents psychiatrists and psychologists making money off mental health problems. 

During the screening of episode 1 we took a look at life at “Vermaak en Vernote” Mental Health Clinic - chaotic as lead psychiatrist, Adriaan has made the decision to leave the practice, but a life-altering discovery sparks a personal melt down leading him down a dark path. Meanwhile he has tasked Palesa with interviewing new psychologist and music therapist, Rudy who doesn’t seem like a fit for the practice. Susan needs to prove the mental capacity of a suspected child abductor.

We really enjoyed this and before you know it, we'll be writing about episode 2 that we got a FREE copy for viewing!

Meet the cast of Geraamtes In Die Kas :

Gys De Villiers as Adriaan Vermaak Jnr
Wayne Van Rooyen as Rudy Abrahams
Vuyelwa Booi as Palesa Ramaphosa
Anel Alexander as Dr. Susan Brink
Duke Motlanthe as Caleb Mahlangu
James Alexander as Dr. Gavin Winters
Kim Engelbrecht as Aesha Abrahams
Helene Lombard as Veronica Bezuidenhout
Louis Van Niekerk  as Adriaan Vermaak Senior

By Staff Reporter 

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