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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

THE Citizen Newspaper's Friday Blunder!

IT'S a shame that a reporter who's supposed to be writing about entertainment and yet does not know their subject of news! I don't usually read the Citizen newspaper, today while sitting in my personal office I thought I should read Friday's copy. Guess what? No one will ever be perfect in the field of identifying or knowing who's who, but as a reporter it is your duty to know who's who of your beat!

Nice review about Felix the movie - cast: Hlanyani Junior Mabasa, Janet Suzman, Linda Sokhulu (Pictured) as written on the paper! I mean like really now? Leon van Nierop as a journalist, well, if you are qualified as one, it is your duty to seek clearance or help if you don't know the people you write about because it is so embarrassing!

The woman pictured on the paper is Winnie Modise who plays Khethiwe Buthelezi on SABC 1's popular Soapie, Generations!

As far as I am concerned no one bothered to look deep into this mistake, because your target market probably does not even watch Generations!

Lazy! Sub-Editors where were you? Imagine if this was a bad story it could have given a bad reputation to the wrong person!

Do they even look alike?

If you not sure, GOOGLE is there to help you verify! LEON VAN NIEROP OF THE CITIZEN NEWSPAPER!

By Buchule Raba 

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