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Monday, September 16, 2013

Pics: Here's a full view of President Zuma's wife Private GYM!

PRIVATE GYM: This is where Mme T Zuma keeps fit!

MODERN fifth WIFE of President Zuma is labeling him as her "Other Half"!

Like any First Lady, it is acceptable to live a lavish life, but is it acceptable to brag about it publicly? The First Lady of South Africa, Mrs Thobeka Madiba Zuma has resorted to brag about her luxury life via Instagram which might have irritated many people!

This follows a reported by the Sunday Sun newspaper (one of South Africa's most loved Tabloids) - the paper extensively reported on the president's wife's Instagram which has more than 200 pictures of herself and family.

Since grown from more than 700 to 803 followers and she follows 162!

Is it allowed for her to make their personal life so public? What the president does at home it's totally none of our business but what is published already, is indeed our business!

 Is it morally acceptable for her to flaunt FOOD on social networks while the country also faces poverty? Seems like she's passing a message of, "We are fighting poverty with the rest of the country," while she's indulging in Greek salads and Prawns!

Mme Zuma the fifth has proved to the rest of the country that she does not have any private life and that includes her children, that at such young age wear big stylish rings and dresses like Queens of the whole African continent!
Mme and Msholozi flying to 'Dur" with her overworked husband as she claims of the captions of the picture.

At her private gym that has now been seen by many Instagram users!

Mme Zuma during her 40th birthday last year - 41 but still brags about food!

Her lovely nails!

Suitcases she loaded without captioning them.

Mrs T Zuma and Mrs M Obama
For more picture go to her Instagram [here]


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