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Monday, August 5, 2013

Senzo and Vavi: How to use it out of WEDLOCK?



So Hollywood is slowly distorting our reality. Obeserving the news for the past two weeks has been like watching some Hollywood thriller or flick; especially reading tabloids.

First it was the Vavi office romance gone wrong, now Senzo was caught allegedly cozying-up with another man’s intimate property.

The similarities here is that tjotjo (bribe) money briefcase we normally see in many American blockbusters came to play.

Last week we were met with media reports about COSATU’s General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi’s infidelity with a colleague. After months of allegedly enjoying intimate drop panties and pants parties in the office, Vavi’s concubine cried rape and demanded R2 million to keep mum.

She later dropped all allegations when  she realised that her staggering stunt was failing her. Poor doll, T.V can be dangerous shame.

On Sunday, Sunday Sun and City Press reported another shocker involving Generations’ Senzo (Thami Mngqolo). Senzo was allegedly caught playing man-of-the-house in another man’s house with Lesedi Lebatlang, a female two-timer.

Lesedi has been staying with her alleged boyfriend Kagiso Blaad at his house, and invited Senzo for an alleged kinky night when she thought Kagiso was going to spend a night in Rustenburg.

However, Kagiso decided otherwise and was met with shock when he returned to his house that evening; the ‘gay on tv’ Senzo was comfortable in his bedroom and canoodling with his girlfriend.

In complete shock and confusion, Kagiso kept his cool but retaliated the following day by chasing Lesedi out of his house  and threatening to expose Senzo, who’s married to beautiful actress, Joanne Reyneke, to the media.

Senzo claims that Kasigo then pulled a Vavi stunt by demanding R100 000 to keep the dirty lingerie under wraps, but he won’t pay because he didn't sleep with Lesedi and they are not having an affair, but just friends.

Senzo then opened a case of extortion against Kagiso.

Lesedi and Senzo’s version of events are different; Senzo admits that he slept at Kagiso’s Sandton townhouse, but Lesedi  says he only dropped her and left that night.

Amazingly Lesedi says she didn't even date this MR Blaad, shm!

What’s their excuse though? Both these men are married, but their zips are loose and wear pants that are always on standby to drop the D*** at any given time.

I'm sure Joanne delivers in the bedroom now that she’s given birth; things must be normal, so Senzo running around with female ‘friends’ late at night???

As for Vavi, old man didn’t even condomise whereas he has been at the forefront in many HIV/AIDS campaigns to promote safe sex, disgusting.

Let’s lock those zips Madoda (Man) and stay committed, cheating is so old-fashioned! 

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