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Monday, July 15, 2013

Paul Modjadji is flying the South African FLAG with Pride in New York!

Paul Modjadji is a dancer, choreographer, writer, author, social developer and entrepreneur who was recently named by the City of Tshwane as their official brand ambassador. He gained international acclaim by previously being crowned the European Star Dance Union World Jazz Champion in 2011 as well as receiving the coveted Global Young Leader’s Award in 2002. He is also the recipient of the 2012 SA Youth Awards (Arts and Entertainment) category. 

He is currently in the US representing South Africa at the Talent America Showcase, the world’s biggest talent show. We had a live chat with him on Facebook on Monday from New York.

GX News:  Hi Paul, how do you do?

Paul:  Good thank you, the weather is scorching hot!! Though I'm a summer baby I must say the humidity is hectic! But I'm happy to be away from the cold Joburg winter days! Lol! Also struggled a bit with the network but I am good to go now.

GX News: Indeed Johannesburg is cold, so tell us how are the surroundings so far?

Paul: Everything is in super size here, but I love the cleanness of the city, it's a very well Kept city.

GX News: You were named the ambassador of the City of Tshwane on Thursday, what does this special honor mean for you?

Paul:  It's probably my life's biggest honor so far. Though I have always carried myself with a great level of responsibility it now feels like I've entered the institution of marriage. Where overnight you go from I to "we"or "us". It's no longer just about me. It's about representing the great people of Tshwane excellently and flying South Africa's flag even higher. Two tasks I welcome with honor and humility.

GX News: Has the Showcase started yet and if so how is it going so far?

Paul: The Showcase commences on Friday, but I have workshops and master classes I'm attending with big names in the arts daily, leading to the big showcase. So it's learning time at the moment. I'm honestly having the time of my life!

GX News:What do you hope to take out from this experience and what are your expectations?

Paul:I hope to grow as a person first and foremost. As they say the day we stop learning we may as well be dead. I hope to grow as a performer and story teller. I also hope to create links that will create cross country links between our youth and the youth here. I believe cross pollination in the arts is imperative for the arts landscape. I hope to leave here a bit better than I arrived here, as a person, artist and young leader. 

GX News: You are a dancer, choreographer, writer, author, social developer and entrepreneur, what is the “Paul Modjadji” brand about basically?

Paul: This used to be quite a difficult question to answer, but I'm happy to say with growth comes clarity. I can confidently say that the "Paul Modjadji" brand is about being limitless. I am a dancer, choreographer, writer, author, entrepreneur and social developer and more because deep inside I don't believe in limitations. I believe we are all limitless. And it's great that its taken all these years for us as a species to arrive here. I see lots of young people living by this principle. What an interesting era to live in. And finally my brand is about daring to dream! Because I am all about dreaming! It's the one thing I do both in my sleep and when I'm awake.

GX News: What should we look out for when you come back to South Africa? LOL, we hope you will not relocate!

Paul:  Relo-what???? lol!! hopefully not! Wow!! Am I excited or am I excited to be back!! Lots of exciting things are lined up. I have a great team who help me live out my dreams. Together we work to ensure we tick a dream list, not a bucket list, Lol, of all the things We feel drawn to. Top of that list when I return is touring South Africa with Khulisa Social Solutions as part of my daring to dream tour. I will be visiting young people from across all 9 provinces, sharing my message of daring to dream and giving leadership workshops. I will also be launching my book "Keeping my core in tact", choreographing the dance film "Hear me move" and directing my first stage musical "Rorisang & Julie" which opens in December! I will be sure to keep you posted with all the developments as they unfold.

GX News: Thank you so much for chatting with us - it's been a wholesome experience to engage with our very own Mzansi talent... Continue to make us proud and we will be right here to cherish all the moments with you!

Paul: Thank you. It has been enriching!

Paul is also the first South African dancer to be crowned the European Star Dance Union World Jazz Champion at the 2011 ESDU Word Dance Championships and has been identified and invited to represent South Africa in New York for the Talent America Showcase ( in July 2013. 

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