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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Savita Mbuli opens up to hell and hell follows!

And the party she threw after MR Mbuli's death is over!

Last week the estranged wife of the late Morning Live presenter Vuyo Mbuli showed her workers the door, and the workers are now taking her to the CCMA!

The Sunday Sun reported today that Vuyo's 10 staff members stormed to the Council for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration offices to lodge a formal complaint of unfair retrenchment against the widow of Vuyo Mbuli.

The weekend paper further reported that Savita will soon be booked to attend the hearing at the CCMA.

A CCMA official who according to the paper refused to be named was quoted as saying, "We will be capturing their details next week. We will also start with a formal process to mediate between parties. If that fails, we will go for arbitration. At some point, MRS Mbuli will have to come in person.

The paper also quoted a source who alleges that Savita has bagged herself a boyfriend!

"Savita bullied us when Vuyo was still alive and got away with it because Vuyo was a man of peace." Said one of the workers.

Sunday Sun also reported that the party was attended by some celebrity guests such as, Basetsane Khumalo, Stoan's wife, Dolly Ghalagha, Zizi Kodwa's wife and Putco Mafani's wife...

Savita answered the phone and kept it on hold...

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