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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ntando went back wagging his tail between his legs to beg for his JOB at TS Records!

"I'm SORRY!" says Ntando Bangani! 

Surely Mzansi this is the day we've been waiting for? After Ntando Bangani nowhere to be seen or heard after he left TS Records in 2007 with the late Brown Dash (Who also died without a dime in his pocket according to Sunday World), no radio airplay, no telly interviews that followed after!

We ran a story that there were rumours that TS Records, owned by DJ Sbu and TK Nciza blacklisted the musician... It was also alleged that they attempted to bribe a certain music compiler at uMhlobo Wenene FM not to play Ntando's music but he refused according to our source then, because he and Ntando are friends before fame!

Now the question is, are we going to hear Ntando's music on radio now? Are we going to see Ntando on TV now? If yes, what will this say about the allegations of blacklisting? Might be that they were true? Is TS Records going to unlock the CHAINS of suffering now?

The Sunday Sun reported on Sunday that Ntando has boldly declared that he's sorry and begged the bosses at TS to take him back! Did he have a choice not to beg? Clearly after failing to make it independent he did not have any choice but to go back to the stable.

The paper reports that Ntando's company failed to produce a single hit... What makes a hit? Now, we'll once again see the same Ntando making what is supposedly a hit under TS Records and his music will be everywhere once again!

If Ntando is a good artist, why was his music not played on radio? For example, we never knew about Donald until he left DJ Cleo's record label and made a huge success of his independence! Is it about the talent or who's powerful in the industry? In Ntando's case, well, it clearly proves that it's not about his talent but who's powerful in the industry!

Here's his video from the album he released independently and never saw light!

TK Nciza was quoted as saying, "Madiba has taught us to forgive and forget. We've forgiven him and welcomed him with open arms.

"The young man has been talking to us for the past two years. He belongs to us, and there's nothing wrong when someone says 'I'm sorry'.

Clearly Ntando has fully learned his lesson - artists must know that some things are just made for each other and stop being cocky when they see that their bank accounts are getting a lil' fat!

Ntando must understand that he's not a bigger artist without TS Records! The two are a successful couple!

We wish Ntando Bangani all the best with TS Records and may their relationship last forever going forward!

Mzansi! Wait to be yet blown away by Ntando, together in the same stable with the Lolilwe hit-maker, Zahara!

By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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