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Sunday, June 2, 2013

MORE shame to the Mbuli family as the drama unfolds between the widow and Gogo!

AND Kholeka was breathlessly waiting to tie the knot!

It’s only two weeks that Mzansi laid MR Vuyo Mbuli to rest but seems like his spirit is not yet to rest as wife is so dramatic!

The Sunday Sun reported Sunday that after the drama around Vuyo’s lover Kholeka Chakanyuka at his funeral last week, more strife has blown up with his widow Savita.

The paper has reported that at first there was a fall-out between Savita and Vuyo’s mother Francinah over how she should mourn her late husband and the poor Gogo was rushed to holspital when her high-blood pressure increased.

According to Sunday Sun all 10 staff members of Zazise Communications have been fired by the dramatic Savita Mbuli.

Sources have told the paper that Savita does not respect her in-laws and she more with friends and her children…

A source quoted by Sunday Sun said, “Her kids will grow up not respecting because she is setting a bad example.”

It was further reported that Savita called a meeting of the staff of Zazise Communications – a PR and billboard company, with her labour lawyer identified as Solly.

 Workers don’t know when Savita will pay them as she told them that the company is not making enough money and they must stay at home, according to the Sunday Sun.

The paper reported that Kholeka and Vuyo were going to get married when divorce to the dramatic Savita came through…

Vuyo Mbuli was a Morning Live Anchor on SABC 2.

Here's Savita's diary

What do you think?

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