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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chicco Twala FINISHED to record a tribute to Tata Mandela while he's fighting for his life!

While Tata Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela is fighting for his life in Hospital, legendary musician Chicco Twala has just finished a Mandela tribute song!

"CHICCO TWALA HAS JUST FINISHED A MANDELA TRIBUTE SONG1" updated one of South Africa's music executives, Vusi Leeuw during the early hours on Tuesday!

His update sparked some dissatisfaction"

- he killed him!  

- Wow can't wait 2 hear it!

- What an Awesome Gesture in Honor for A Great Statesman.

- Vusi, But I think the timing is not appropriate because one would assume that. If uTata was up and running it wouldn't be a problem.

- But where does he gets the guts to record a tribute song 4 GREAT TATA MADIBA whereas he's still fighting 4 his life... Even if that song was based to someone else... it's being "DISRESPECTFUL"..but it's okay, GOD is watching..he'll save uTata, bajabhe abantu!

- There's none wrong with the tribute song being recorded... We don't know the contents of the song! What about newspapers, TV channels and radio stations that have recorded their tributes already? The matter here is the release day of the song and everyone wants to honour Tata first, so why blame Twala? Plus as one of our legends, surely his song will make more sense than some young kwaito artist recording a song with no better understanding of the struggles that our heroes went through! Rafael Nadal even Tweeted a false Tweet last night that Tata is gone, and that's something to shout about? He said sorry but Twala has not released the song! We need to be ready and comprehend that Tata will soon leave us!  

Vusi Leeuw did not back down from the criticism, " knowledge is power & ignorance is never kind. Tributes are recorded at any time and they are praises, show respect and acknowledges a person, situation or thing. You haven't even heard the song but u are already labeling...What can we say? It's the unacceptable culture that is haunting South Africans who are always quick to criticize without even understanding the context of the subject. I hope this will teach us to be matured in the way we look at things, tolerant to other people's position especially as we are going towards elections and the 20th celebration of our Democracy. "Look, Listen and Decide..." singing one of Stimela's Classics that is still relevant so many years later, eish Nkosi Sikelela and not "save the queen (of England) only..." 

What's your opinion? Leave comments below! Is Chicco right or wrong?

By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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