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Friday, May 3, 2013

KCI Is Turning uMhlobo Wenene FM To A Poppy-Huis!

Excuse me! Listen here and I am forcing you to read this! My question, is KCI still relevant on (the) Radio? And guess what's the answer? Read!

Before you start to read, these are the types of people that the station focuses on: "A Xhosa speaking person in all 9 provinces.  Ambitious, humble, career or business oriented person, orientated individuals." And the station's holding company is South Africa's national broadcaster, SABC. Now bear the above in mind as you read…

When Mthobeli was given a hot boot by former station manager Nada Wotshela and I am sure the RAMS can agree that he was about to reach 5 Million listeners and now he is struggling to even reach a million listeners!

The station has now decided I assume to bring Luks Gidane at the helm of KCI who's no longer relevant on the radio at all.

This is not 2007 and radio has changed a lot since he was kicked out of the station. We need change because the afternoon drive slot is very vital and the station cannot afford to pay a person who's playing poppy-house.

I am of the opinion that KCI does no longer know what's going on in the industry and that affects the station to advertisers and the listeners who are getting ZERO information from the show.

MR Phumzile Mnci as the station's manager what are you doing about this negative move of hiring Mthobeli back? And why did you hire Tina Jaxa who's not famous? For RAMS maybe? Take it from me, I might not have managed a station but I produced and worked at one, I humbly advise you to change your strategy.

Content is very important and it is also vital that you check what or how other stations are doing it? It's like working on a newspaper and not buying your competitor's paper to see what are the improvements and how can you improve your house too.

It is clear that KCI is so old-fashioned and does not know a cipher about new media and the current situation in terms of changes in the whole broadcasting industry and how to source relevant content for the listener who's stuck in traffic to home.

Number one, the "Couch-potatoes" must be given a sign to the door with the middle finger because they are boring and repeating what we watched on the small box already! I mean like really now? We are not kids and TV teasers are always available on request to the relevant soapies' public relations officers.

The "couch-potatoes are irrelevant just like KCI himself! They must in fact all go! Because they are doing no justice to the station! I am not sure if those couch what what are still there because I tuned out of the station the moment I heard the boring stuff that KCI does and I am certain that Bongani does not produce that gibberish at all! Amaza provided great content! So what's up with KCI and Amaza won at the MTN Radio Awards this year, what did KCI win? Couch potatoes!

I will end here because writing about how to source great content will be a waste of my time, KCI must just go learn at Radio Zibonele (community radio) in Cape Town because he's turning the station to a community radio. Another option is to take him to an extensive radio course.

Last question, yes you've been in the industry - where and doing what? If you were so good, which station picked you up to dry your sorrows when Nada kicked you out? You came back boasting about people who thought radio was theirs but is it yours?

By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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