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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Derek Van Dam takes part in the Durban Comrade Marathon to raise funds for charity!

eNCA's Chief Meteorologist and Head of the Weather Department, Derek van Dam, will be participating in the 89 km long comrades ultra-marathon on to raise funds for charity.

Derek, who is a sports fanatic, will run the comrades marathon with the aim to raise money for The Compassion Life Foundation.  He sits on the board of the Foundation as a director and has been a staunch supporter of their Feed-a-Family project for 7years.

“It will be a great honour to be able to fuse two of the things I am most passionate about, my love for extreme sports and giving back to the community. I have run several races before but this one will be a very rewarding one so I plan to give it my best shot, “says Derek.

The multi-talented, Derek is an extreme sports enthusiast who has been involved in various sports activities and participated in a lot of outreach work most of his life.  He started running long distances in his twenties and has since participated in various races throughout the world. He completed his first ultra-marathon this year during the Old Mutual Two Oceans in Cape Town.

By participating in this initiative Derek hopes to inspire many people to tackle societal problems head on. “There are many ways to make a contribution in our society. Every step counts, every day presents a new opportunity to touch someone’s life”

The Compassionate Life Foundation –
Derek’s Personal Blog about running –

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