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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chalk Board and Oil do not Mix as Generations' Khethiwe dumps her cameraman husband!

He'll be strong and hopefully God will deal with Khethiwe!

It’s tough and it’s the survival of the fittest – just like on TV she’s rich, own part of a block of flats and now she wants to be associated with a prominent Kwa-Zulu Natal Politician! That’s Khethiwe on Mzansi’s popular soapie, Generations.

Sunday Sun reported that Winnie Modise (Khethiwe) has dumped her cameraman husband and set her sights higher, reportedly on a prominent KZN Politician! Mhmmmmmm… Wonder who’s the Politician and now she recently launched KZN Soapie Awards, begs the question – was that Polician not involved in her getting some deals?

According to the Sunday Sun Khethiwe has moved out of the Roodepoort home she shared with Thabo Modise, who works for the national broadcaster as a camera operator.

This reminds me of a book I used to read whereby a petrol attendant took his girlfriend to get qualified as a teacher and guess what? She got her Diploma and dumped him – “Chalk board and oil do not mix.”

The paper quoted a friend saying, “They haven’t had sex for about two years. When he questioned it, she told him that she doesn’t feel for him any more.” LOL! My Gosh Khethiwe should be controversial! No SEX for such a long time? Maybe Husband was playing Maria with the four fingers.

Shame poor cameraman was quoted saying, "If this is how it is gonna be, let it be. I'm not a person who likes to talk about my private life in public." He'll be strong and hopefully God will deal with Khethiwe!

And Khethiwe was quoted as saying, "It is a difficult decision that we took. Whilst we remain very appreciative of the understanding and support from many friends and family, we wish to request privacy during this difficult period."

So this week Khethiwe decided to pack and go!

What do you think of this? We got it from the Sunday Sun… So other details are there and you'll get all the juice as the paper reveals more laundry!

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