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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome Abroad Strangers in case you thought Liquideep was dead!

Ziyon and DJ Ryzor /Pic Supplied by Capacity Relation.

Last night we went to the launch of the duo’s brand new album titled “Welcome Abroad” – the intimate launch was held in Rivonia.

One thing I would like to personally identify about their music is corporate identity though some critics heard the same sound, I was almost fooled until that brave and strong word “corporate identity” came into my mind.

Though it’s a different lyrical content, they sound is so Liquideep and that needs no introduction, it’s honestly nice to identify with you type of food without having to ask so many ambiguous questions.

 After a 3 year hiatus, multi-award winning music duo Liquideep released their latest offering titled “Welcome Abroad”. The duo, comprised of singer, songwriter and producer Ziyon and DJ and producer Ryzor,the album is available in all major music stores.

The Duo (Liquideep) has achieved acclaimed success over the years with almost every one of their singles reaching ‘hit status’ with high rotation on local radio stations, as well as receiving awards and accolades from Song of The Year, Album of The Year, Most Downloaded Song, Group of The Year to name but a few. Most recently, the 2010 album, Fabrics of the Heart, progressed from local success to international recognition in Portugal, Russia, Australia and Brazil.

Do we still need to keep mum about their success? When asked to describe their music style, the duo simply remarks, “Truth through words, beat and melody. In the space where soul and deep house collide in the heartbeat of a Nation’s music, is where you’ll find Liquideep.”

“Welcome Aboard” seeks to engage with old fans and introduce new fans to the eclectic soul- sounds of the dynamic duo. “Welcome Aboard” is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, dealing with the high and lows of love and feel-good personal experiences that they want to share with fans, and will once again solidify their importance and influence on the South African music scene. “We can only hope that people receive and gravitate towards what we are trying to give and share. The idea is to actively engage with fans and bring them onboard our experiences. We’re really excited,” remarks Liquideep on their albums anticipated success.

"We rise! We fall! Come Back to build it again!" Liqudeep SA!

The duo is set to embark on a Mzansi (SA) tour later this year and look forward to expanding into the broader central and east Africa regions from 2014. Their musical journey is so inspiring, something that young and aspiring artists can look up to, especially when you don't want to confuse your brand in the mix of all the brands that trip and flop while trying to cut it in this tough industry. 


I don't know whether they were sponsors or not but thanks to Hennessy for keeping us warm and Toe Porn "Prbably Not For You" socks that will keep us warm in this winter, oh! By the way the venue choice was awesome it was so warm and I kept on looking for heaters but could spot one!

“Welcome Aboard” is  available from all Musica, Look and Listen, Jive Africa, Dakota Music, Reliable Music and Music Mood stores nationwide, go grab yourself a copy!

You can connect with Liquid Deep on Twitter @LiquideepSA | Facebook LiqudeepSA | or go to

 By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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