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Monday, April 8, 2013

South African Journalists produced a style I term Celebrity ass-leaking journalism!

You might be sitting at home and wondering about all the problems within celebrity journalists, thinking why a certain celebrity is always portrayed as this God and the other as this Devil! I too have a problem about it, you’re not alone! And the problem is celebrity ass-leaking-journalism.

Ever heard about the word “Groupie” ? That’s purely how I see some of the Journalists I've met at various events within the entertainment beat of reporting. Instead of journalists doing their jobs they become star-struck and make friends with the subjects (celebrities) of their news, this should not be happening at all, why? Let’s find out below…

To my knowledge should I become friends with Bonang Matheba as a journalist it will be difficult for me to write about her if I have a huge Tabloid story, simply, she tells me everything in confidence knowing that she’s talking to a friend. How do I then publish such a story? Isn't that back-stabbing?  Where do we draw the line between our personal and professional lives? Do we have personal lives?

Do I have a personal life? Yes I do, especially when I am amongst private citizens and not public citizens, if I am with or around celebrities, well, be warned that I am a journalist and not your bloody friend because you’re the story! Now, please be careful of what will come out of your mouth because you’ll see it out tomorrow.

The was one journalist that I will not mention, she was sent to cover an event by one of South Africa’s was once booming tabloid newspaper, instead when the bar was turned into a cash bar service she left saying she will never buy alcohol. “I better go buy it somewhere than here…” she said walking out of the venue.

I stayed at the Feather Awards until everyone was gone and that’s when I got a story that was followed nationally – credited by Vuzu TV, Sunday Sun. Sunday World called me but used my information without giving any credit! Move Magazine used the story without giving any credit and that pissed the sh*t out of me but anyway people who were never really thought about plagiarism will never know how pissed I was.

I will write the truth as raw as it is and I don’t care whether I get invited to events or not! My job is not to do personal favors for celebrities but report the news to the public domain, sure we are clear? I don’t care whether you are President Jacob Zuma, DJ Cleo, Sipho ‘Hotsticks’ Mabuse or Loliwe, I’ll do what my job requires me to do and I DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND BECAUSE I HAVE ENOUGH FRIENDS!

Let me not deviate from the point of this article – journalist please go to events and do your jobs and stop the celebrity ass-leaking journalism!  

It’s after this celebrity ass-leaking journalism that Shwashwi is no longer Shwashwi! It’s after the same type of journalism that Tabloids produce yawning stories, and finally it’s after this system of journalism that our media will never be honest and report fair news without thousands of agendas from the journalist to the editors! It’s so devilish and it should stop with proud journalists, who went to the field for the right reasons!

By Buchule Raba

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