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Friday, April 5, 2013

Ms Cosmo left the urban youth station YFM for a bigger picture!

We all know the sexy-licious Nonqaba Nozuko Rwaxa aka  Ms Cosmo? Well, if you don't know her, here's chance to see a bit of what she been up to.

Mzansi's commercial hit station 5FM has officially announced its new line-up and guess what? Ms Cosmo is among the new three people that were signed by the popular station that employs the likes of DJ Fresh, Gareth Cliff to name but a few. The announcement came into effect as of 1st of April.

Ms Cosmo was previously featured on the YFM YTKO feature and will now be offering a unique Hip Hop experience to the 5FM audience. Her show airs Sunday nights from 10pm – 1am just after Euphonik’s “My House” segment.

“I'm extremely excited about the move. I've always wanted to be in broadcasting and I'm getting that chance along with sticking to who I am as a Hip Hop DJ. Having a show right after 'My House' will definitely be a challenge but I'm ready to take it on. This is a new playing field and I'm obviously nervous, so I can only do my best" expressed Ms Cosmo after the announcement.

“5FM has always prided itself on offering the best in personality based radio with unique content and relevant music to an audience who enjoy an irreverent, youthful style. The new additions to the 5FM line-up compliment an admired team of personalities and the unique music brand that 5FM represents” said Programme Manager, Tim Zunckel, in the 5FM official release.

Ms Cosmo was working for a bank after completing her Bcom Finance at the Univeristy of Johannesburg. and Hip Hop took over. She also acquired her music skills through Fuse Academy owned by DJ Zinhle.

Issued By Sheila Afari PR - Additional reporting by Buchule Raba

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