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Thursday, April 18, 2013

International Icon Adele rejects a flashy book deal!

Because of money and greed or the so-called "historical background" this is rare to any South African artist - It is reported that Adele Laurie Blue Adkins better know as Adele has rejected a seven-figure offer to write her autobiography because she believes she's too young to tell her life story at the age of 24.

With a lot to boast about like an Oscar, nine Grammys' and four Brit Awards under her belt, really now, who wouldn't want to write her autobiography? It's Adele after all.

The multi-talented artist who released her debut album at the age of 19 and her second album at 21, even with the accolades and a reported $46 million fortune she believes it’s far too early to pen her own life story.

According to UK newspaper The Mirror, the singer has been approached by a handful of publishing houses interested in selling her autobiography.

According to various reports Harper-Collins Publishers have reportedly presented a generous offer to her management team.
It was also reported that a source told the news outlet Adele has passed on the opportunity and believes she is “far too young” to commit to such a project.
“Adele’s never been a really showy person,” a source was quoted. “So it was always going to take a lot to get her to write her life story anyway.
“But even though she received a lucrative offer, her primary concern was that she doesn't want to write a book about just 24 years. She feels she’d rather wait until she has more life experience to write about.”
The reports went further that a memoir is not out of the question entirely. Adele is reportedly interested in the project but wants to focus on building her future rather than writing about her past.
“She’d never say never, but she did say ‘not now,’” an insider was quoted. Guess, that's the joys of being a true Diva!
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born in Tottenham, North London, England, to Penny Adkins, an English teenager, and Mark Evans.

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