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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kenny Kunene's "rotten behaviour" has reduced women to sex objects!

South Africa - Kenny Kunene has angered a lot of people in authorities!

This follows shocking comments on radio and Twitter by Kenny Kunene during an interview with Phat Joe on Metro FM where Kunene admitted to have slept with young girls during his time as a teacher and the tweet he retracted about being “gang raped” by women.

Sonke Gender Justice:

“Kenny Kunene’s utterances in the media are confirming that women can be treated as sex objects with no emotions and this undermines women at all levels.” said Mbuyiselo Botha of Sonke Gender Justice.

Botha said that this sends a wrong message to young girls that women are just there as sex objects.

“Kenny Kunene should review the values of being a man of which mostly importantly is respect and his behaviour is not in accordance with values of being a man in a country that emphasizes respect for women.” said Mbuyiselo Botha.

South African Human Rights Commission:

“Such behaviour is condemned as it perpetuates wrong stereotypes considering the high level of women and children abuse. The Commission advices those who are public figures to behave in a way that will inspire the nation, and those looking up to them, to adhere to and promote Human Rights and respect for women, rather than using their positions to act in a way that is contrary to the Constitution and is seen to be threatening the hard fought right to Equality.” said Isaac Mangena of the SAHRC.

Added Mangena, “The Commission takes children and women’s rights seriously and is concerned about the alleged utterances. The statements made have the potential to reverse the gains made in promoting respect for women and are in contrast with the tenets of our Constitution.”

On the other hand Pastor Daniel Mogotlane said, “This rotten behaviour has reduced women to nothing but sex objects. This behaviour compromises the greatest achievements which were achieved through loss of life and shedding of blood as our freedom fighters fought for the liberation of our people including women. Churches, political organizations and activists worked together in the fight for equality and freedom of our women. People who use their economic status to oppress gullible women are intact manifesting a disorder in their own lives. Such people generally suffer from insecurities and try to use their wallets and social status to cover their own weaknesses.”

People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA):

“As a public figure, Kenny Kunene has the potential to influence young people positively. It is very regrettable that he chooses to use this platform to exploit young girls. He could be instrumental in the plight against violence against women and encourage young boys and girls to work hard instead of using girls and taking away their self-worth. Instead, he is exposing these young girls to STI’s and possibly HIV/AIDS. As POWA we are against and do not condemn such behaviour. Kenny should know better.” said Nonkululeko Khumalo of POWA.

Meanwhile Kenny Kunene still maintain that he did not stand on top of a Tower and shouted he’s a role model, “Did I commit a crime a dating many women? At least I afford them the option to stay or go if they feel that the relationship won’t be suitable for them.”

Kenny Kunene told the Entertainment-Home that the biggest problem in this country is hypocrisy. “How can they say I don’t respect women while I have so many women in my life?” asked Kenny Kunene.

Kunene told GoXtra News that he’s promoting any rape in this country and he fully understands that his statement was sensitive; however he does not retract what he said to DA spokesman Mmusi Maimane.

“I am not a role model to anyone because I did not stand on top of a tower and shouted that I am a role model, a person must role model their kids.” said Kenny Kunene.

By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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