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Friday, April 5, 2013

A thank you note from the founding editor and an invitation to interested writers!

Well, this week have been amazing for me, Wednesday we advertised the GoXtra News Facebook page and we made a financial plan of R10 per day with a reach of more than 15, 000 people in four countries that are on ZENITH of our statics report by Google.

So I think as the founding editor of the publication it was a wise move/investment because from nearly 608 likes we are now standing on more than 800 likes, bear in mind, this is the second day of our four day budget of R40.

So I had a question in my mind, what if, as time goes some of these people start to dislike the page? Haven’t we wasted money then? But, then again, I thought of the reason why they liked the GoXtra News page; it’s our exciting, motivating and honest content. This means, we must as a team elevate our levels efforts in bringing more exciting content that will never chase our beloved readers away.

I have to say Facebook advertising is very important and exciting-way to reach all the people you want to reach. Imagine if my budget was R1000, anyway that was impossible because you have to test a product first before you make such a decision or else you’ll be investing in gibberish.

I would also like to extend my warm regards to those who have been supporting us since last year and now we are turning two year(s) old soon (August).

Since managing this publication, well, it’s not easy and stress comes with such duties but with the small team of the contributors we have and outside contributors we are managing very well.

I would also like to plead our abroad readers who are interested in content exchange to email; we really want to take this initiative outside the periphery of South Africa, of course content-wise.

Students who are interested in joining us may do so by sending their resumes to; that will be much appreciated.

NB: We have not forgotten that we need to change our look and we will do that the soonest.

We thank you all for the continued support you've shown us! Have a blessed weekend and please don’t drink and drive! 

I relish - The Founding Editor | Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel 

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