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Monday, March 18, 2013

The looooooosers are SABC1'S Generations!

The mockery Generations' death!

Johannesburg – The South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAS) were held at the great Gallagher estate in Midrand at the weekend.

The two day event started Friday, a day which saw the behind the scene(s) crew getting recognized for their wonderful contribution in the entertainment industry.  Saturday saw the on-screen stars receiving what they deserved and showed hard work for all the years…

The highly disappointed Mfundi Vundla!
Anyway, I am not there, GENERATIONS – the SABC 1 popular soap earned ZERO awards! It’s a wake up call MR Mfundi Vundla, it’s time to go back to the drawing board daddy or else you’ll forever be a loser when it comes to awards. The awards were not about most watched soap on SABC 1 but recognizing the creatives of the industry, clearly you and your team lack some creativity at best.

DEAD people wake up! Stop it! It does not work at all! You need to fire and hire if you have to and trust me I can do a better job in helping you about the story-line of the “popular soap” – Hehehehe! You even went to present an award, surely you did regret after seeing your production won at least nothing.

Because at that time you have no competition in terms of what’s playing on other channels, so you are relaxed? A person rests when they are dead Baba. I am glad that your soap won nothing because it’s time for you to get tough as well.

Scandal, Rhythm City and 7De Laan showed you flames at the awards, hehehehehe ouch! Wake up tata or take pension just nje! Your story-line sucks big time!

But we must also recognize talent, I personally think the SAFTAS wanted to spite you as well because Menzi Ngubane should have won best actor and Nambitha best actress. Trust me whoever was behind your plot made sure they take the victory home.

NB: We have the best telly soaps in the country and no more charity/default awards to Generations because of the lack of shows!

Millions of viewers mean sh*t! Change your tired story-line that you recycling from Isidingo and Muvhango, it’s time to call your creative juices papa!

Congratulations to all the winners and you deserved it! Work harder to make sure that Generations continue to receive ZERO awards!

Some people also say the SAFTAS were "kak" though and Generations deserved a long standing and boring soap award!

I write in a style called Gonzo Journalism - it was coined by Hunter S Thompson and it means telling it like it is!

Follow them at least on Twitter @GenerationsSA

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