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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Introducing MuzArt - and the late Jabu Khanyile's son Jabu Jnr adds more value

Johannesburg - The fuse has been lit and there’s no turning back, MuzArt have exploded onto the scene with their energetic, arty arrangements. This five-piece musical collective turns every listener into a fan with their playful, expertly executed rhythms and riveting performances.

Their sensational single ‘Jukebox’ stormed the YFM chart held the number one title on multiple YFM charts for more than three months consecutively.  Even before the release of their debut album the band has shared the stage with some of South Africa’s biggest stars including AKA, DJ Kent, Jubu Hotstix Mabuse, HHP, Zama Jobe, The Muffinz and Dr Malinga amongst others.

MuzArt is the coming together of five gifted musicians who combine their talents and unique perspectives to create a world of sound, colour and creativity.  Layers of jazz, pop, house, gospel and soul fuse to forge their sound – an interplay of genres which is underpinned by positivity and a celebration of life and love.

The story began in 2009 when multi-talented musicians Tshegofatso "Tazzy" Lehutso met at a gig in Soweto.  Sensing a musical synergy, he two trained musicians quickly sparked a friendship and the pair began jamming in the studio.  Their dream of starting a band led them to approach their muse, Rorisang "Rori" Thandkiso. She had already caught the attention of the television industry where she is carving out a successful career – but she had never considered the option of a career in music. Her feisty attitude and on-screen poise and presence singled her out as an ideal candidate to front the band.

The pair took a chance and sent her a Facebook message and, to their surprise, she responded and agreed to meet in the studio to listen to their music.  However, another surprise awaited them. When Rori stepped behind the mic, a spectacular voice was unleashed.  The next recruit was DJ and networker Nkanyiso “Nka” Kanyile AKA Jabu Jnr - son of the late, great Jubu Khanyile. He would play a crucial role in getting their music to the right people and his perspective as a DJ added a dancefloor edge that’ll take it their sound into the clubs and beyond. Guitarist Sol Mosetle was the final addition to MuzArt. This talented guitar specialist has lent his skills to a long list of respected South African rock acts and he adds a vital splash of live instrumentation to the group’s sound.

While the group is young, fresh and upbeat - their aim to create timeless music that touches and resonates with people from all walks of life displays a certain maturity. They share a genuine desire to leave a lasting legacy.  Citing the likes of legends like Louie Vega, Sergio Mendez, Fela Kuti as inspiration and naming Jabu Khanyile, Lira, Jimmy Dludlu, Thandiswa Mazwai, Ray Phiri (Stimela) and Caiphus Semenya as local role models – it’s clear that MuzArt’s sights are set on the sky and they’re prepared to do the work required to get there.

From all four corners of Gauteng – these five individuals blend their separate understandings and skills into a cohesive style.  Impressive composition techniques and solid production values underpins their music, yet their classically trained know-how glows with the edge and unpredictability of the streets.  Gleaming keys tumble upon rippling rhythms and bouncy basslines. The voices of Rori, Vic and Tazzy soar on top of their energetic arrangements.  Together MuzArt conjures a vivid vision of unclouded sunshine and positivity, together they sculpt a truly uplifting sound.

If anything, MuzArt proves that when the right artists come together, magic happens. Their undeniable chemistry as a band and polished musical output is full of imagination and charm.  This is the new face of South African pop and they’re in perpetual motion upwards!  


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