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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here Are Your Benefits For Sleeping Naked!

We often experience this very frequently, while others may think it’s about sex. Sleeping naked with your partner is not only about sex, it stimulates your consciousness, and sex becomes just a thought.

After years of dating, I've recently come to terms with the fact that sleeping naked isn't so bad after all; back then, I was very sensitive about myself naked. But now, even if my partner is not around, I sleep naked because it’s so honest, free, and comfortable.

We all know that this is not a cheesy discussion of something that sounds rather erotic, but research shows that sleeping without clothes brings some huge health benefits. It’s time to open your mind about it and give it a try. So let’s look at what researchers are saying below.

According to research, clothes restrict blood circulation; hence, shedding the artificial skin is good for stimulating the same. Another expert's recommendation: It relieves abdominal visceral nerve tension and discomfort, as well as waist pains. Those tight G-strings or whatever you wear do little good and hence should be loosened for a good night's sleep.

Medical research has shown that sleeping naked is good for those suffering from insomnia, as it has a comforting effect on them. This is true because since I tried it, I've never really suffered from sleepless nights.

Remember, when you're sleeping, you’re not dead, which means there’s some activity happening in your body organs. They (the organs) are at work, so to improve their productivity, it is important that we don’t put pressure on them by way of clothes. It is said that naked skin absorbs more nutrients than with clothes on.

Sweating can be uncomfortable for women and can increase the risk of infection. Sleeping naked improves ventilation (like opening your passage doors) to these areas (the vagina), makes them more comfortable, and keeps them dry, reducing the risk of fungal infection. For us gentlemen, it has been found to increase fertility by keeping the testes at an adequate temperature and retaining the sperm quality too.

Sometimes a hectic day at work can make it hard for you to get the proper sleep that you love, so try going naked! This will help, as mentioned above, ease the tension and help you get the sleep you deserve. Sleeping naked, research shows that it relaxes the body and helps in a comfortable sleep. As a result, people wake up refreshed and remain energetic all day. Trust me, very often I have experienced the above and as I am writing this article I am naked and relaxed.

Every night I take a shower just to make certain the body is germ-free; this will also add a huge benefit to your sleep. Sleeping greasy can also help attract more germs in your body as you will also be a sort of some magnetic strip to the sheets or rather bed garments.

When I talked about this with my partner, it kind of felt embarrassing and weird to me but eventually I tried it and thanks for the inspiration.

Be warned though, it also increases the chances of having sex very often and getting into the mood for sex can be a challenge for many women, so sleeping naked helps. The idea that made me feel awkward is the same idea that, after experience, made me share this with you: SLEEP NAKED!

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