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Monday, January 14, 2013

Twitter Analysis: Scandal vs Generations SABC1

The most popular local soapie still fails when it comes to social media, in particular Twitter. In this article I am going to focus on Generations (SABC 1 weekdays) and Scandal ( Mon – Thurs). For any brand social media is a very powerful tool to use and it always helps to increase the communication channels - in terms of feedback, and it also helps the brand managers to pick up what is being said about the brand online.

My interest comes after Scandal's episode today, it was on point to such an extent that Generations dropped the hype. I mean, for real now? Mfundi Mvundla you need to re-work your concept a bit there and there!

@etvscandal - Bad blood & Beauty; in the world of tabloid & investigative Journalism that is, Scandal! Mon - Thursdays, 7thirty on!

Followers: 13,737 
Following: 2,439 
Tweets: 6,023 

As you read you'll notice that Scandal tops Generations with Followers, Following and Tweets, not limited to the storyline on its own. 

Three top followers of Scandal – Scandal have been on Twitter since 03 of Mar, 2010.

And their Tweet distribution is as follows

RT’s 635 (26%), Mentions 1224 (50.2%), Links 117 (4.8%), Pictures 29 (1.2%), Replies 122 (5%), Plain tweets 312 (12.8%).

Generations SABC1 @GenerationsSA - Generations is a daily drama on SABC1 in South Africa. Mon - Fri at 8:00pm on SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho - @Official_SABC1

Followers: 3,707 
Following: 15 
Tweets: 218 
Location: South Africa

Three Top followers of Generations –

Generations have been On Twitter since 12 of Jul, 2011

And their Tweet distribution is as follows -

Plain tweets 212 (97.2%), RT’s 4 (0.4%) and that’s all there’s on their Twitter account, yet seems like they have two Twitter handles which is a bigger confusion to their followers.

I assume that the second page is their activity page/account, though they still confusing, the handle is @SAGenerations Mondays - Fridays 20H00 - Saturdays 10H00 CAT. South Africa ·

Followers: 2,420 
Following: 6 
Tweets: 3,165 
Location: South Africa

Top Three Followers –

@SAGenerations have been On Twitter since 17 of Aug, 2011.

Their tweet distribution is as follows -

RT's 1557 (70.8%), Mentions 510 (23.2%), Plain tweets 105 (4.8%), Links 8 (0.4%), Replies 13 (0.6%) and that's all they have on their second Twitter handle.

My advice to Generations, please tell us which Twitter handle to follow? Interact with your followers and not with one Twitter handle.

Scandal big ups for the great storyline and the interaction with your followers and fans - keep growing. Millions of SABC viewers mean nothing in this case, yes, I am talking followers not laid back millions of viewers that are not on social networks.

By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB | Who's Who SA | 

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