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Friday, January 18, 2013

AFCON: Let's dance and play - Bafana Bafana ba-style!


The opening ceremony promises to be an event to remember full of dazzle, colour, diversity, dance,  unification and mostly the one universal language that speaks to everyone which is music. Its set to be watched by over a billion viewers around the world,viewers should expect to see local and international musicians taking on the stage to speak to Africans and celebrate the diversity of our continent, the line up includes Ayanda Nhlangoti,Siphokazi Maraqana,Ringo Madlingozi,Oumou Sangare,Judith Sephuma, Eric wainaina, Sipho Hotstix Mabuse, Lira and a South African Poet Afurakan.   

Behind this hot and dazzling production of the day are the likes of Somizi Mhlongo one of South Africa’s well known and recognised choreographer, Hlubi Kwebualana,Mark SteinHobel, and Dean Mckain. This team came up with everything that you will see on that day in terms of the performance and entertainment, from incorporating the story which will be shared that day by the cast to the dance crews that will not fail at keeping the audience at the edge of their sits. This is also proved by the 500 dancers who will be telling the Nations story and representing the different cultures in South Africa.
The event will also showcase the South African Heritage, how Africa is now united as one nation and its heartbeat as a nation. There will also be a tribute to the former and first South African president ‘Tata Nelson Mandela’ by showing the respect the nation has for him.   

The audience is set to be at the stadium and sited by 15:30 since the ceremony is scheduled to start running from 16:00, the production team also promised that the audience will feel as if they are watching a concert and are guaranteed to enjoy themselves. The theme is ‘Beat at Africa’s feet’, everyone who has bought the tickets is encouraged to go and experience this extravagance and dazzling event.

By Olwethu Twalo (Sport Writer) GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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