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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Breaking News: The Presidency to meet with Musicians

The Road to Mangaung is gravel it needs a tar-support!

Union Buildings - Prior to Mangaung today South Africa's president Jacob Zuma is meeting with the most influencial people in the country through art. Today the Presidency will be meeting musicians and giving them feedback about their artistic concerns like piracy etc.

Zakes Bantwini is among the artists that will be joining the presidency in Pretoria today. He updated his Facebook friends this morning, "On my way to the union buildings PTA we meeting with the Presidency. Now dat (sic) what up..." news also confirmed the meeting during this morning's news broadcast at 7am that he will meet other artists the following week. 

Could this be a form of propaganda to level support and the road to Mangaung? Leave your comment(s) below for us... Well, one should also question the last time the Presidency met with SA musicians? Why now? 

By Staff Reporter

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