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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shame: Same Old Story for Bafana-Again!

MR Everton keep your observations to yourself

Gordon Igusund charges botched their first stern of exams at home against the African reigning Champions, Zambia. For me though it's not the result that brought some fears but it's the manner in which they played football on the night. It was clear that they don’t have a plan of attack, at defence no transition at all and players were doing whatever they thought was right at a time- laughable. 

Yes most of our players were out with injuries, Sangweni, Gould, S’mphiwe, Serero, Rantie, Manyisa and Jali to name just a few. But that doesn’t credit us to play as poorly as we did. I also fully value that Gordon didn’t have much time with the players as they only reported on Monday before game on Wednesday, so in a nutshell, it's fair to not criticize too much under the given state of affairs.

But I have two major disappointments post the match, firstly, the attack on Zambian bus which resulted in severe injuries on Kennedy Mwene. Why South Africans? How will we feel if Bafana Bafana was also attacked in Africa? Aren’t we passed apartheid era? Aren’t we playing the game fair and square (FIFA)? For me we are the big losers and a shame to the world; instead of accepting a fair defeat and we decided to embarrass ourselves. 
Secondly, was our former captain Mr. Steven Pienaar, who abandoned us recently, to come out and edge the public to support Igesund and the players. Sorry ‘Mr. Everton’ you left us because we are not imperative to you as your beloved club, so if you can keep your observations to yourself and let those who’re willing to fight for their Nation-fight the battle alone.

After all I still believe in Gordon, loosing is never nice we all know that, but what it’s important is how you recover. Man United lost their first match of the season but look where they are now-top! The vital thing for us now is how are we going to recuperate from this, with all the players at his disposal, I believe Igesund will take us through at least to the next round.

But to the South African Public, our presentation was very poor and to some extent a disgrace; after the match and please to everyone involved lets make it certain that it’ll never ever repeat itself again.

By Fanele Mbuyazi

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