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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Will American Idol Judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey keep the peace?

American Idol - Numerous reports spiral the news between the two American Idol judges Nicki Manaj and Mariah Carey beef and the heavy exchange of the f**k word.

TMZ reported that Mariah Carey fired the first shots in her "American Idol" war with Nicki Minaj ... Calling the rapper a "bitch" multiple times ... This according to sources close to Minaj.

It is also reported that Nicki fired back because she had enough of the insults from fellow Judge Mariah Carey and this seemed rather like an industry “who’s more experience” issue.

Yesterday TMZ once again reported that there was no blood on the set of “American Idol.” They highlighted, it was downright peaceful and professional. Reports are at it that the she judges buried the hatchet and were civil with each other during the entire day of auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Apparently most were “embarrassed” by the outburst between Nicki and Mariah captured on the video that was later posted on TMZ.

It was also revealed that aside from everyone getting along, the talent was great and the judges meshed together better than just about any configuration the show has ever had.

So now the question we should be looking at… Will the peace keeping last? Everyone previous day boarded a plane for Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Let’s hope the two judges keep peace -

By Staff Reporter -

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