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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We had all the entertainment in the 60s – though we got mugged by the organizers

DJ Fresh gave it all and gave free CD's and T-shirts!

Mpumalanga – The 60s weekend kick started with style and some added value this year, yes, the comedy showcase that was held Thursday, the showcase featured Chris Mapane (Host), Tshepo Mogale, Thomas Gumede, Ntosh Madlingozi, Thapelo Tips (Shampoo) and many more. It was the initial that ‘Laugh your way to the 60s’ was being featured in this vital 4th instalment of the 60s.

The Pre Party which was held Friday at Emnotweni was jam packed, from random faceless’ people, and the SABC personalities, Arron Moloisi, Thato Molamu, Kedebone Mkhabela, Anga Makubalo and many more.

To be frank their VIP areas were packed with all the random people and your Skhothane’s of today. As much as there were securities at the gates, if I was a prominent public figure I was not going to feel safe because there was no space aside dedicated to them; I mean in such event!

The main event which was held last Saturday, the Mbombela stadium has been just a turn off from the beginning, and of course from the organizers side of things. As we got by at the gate with our VIP tickets we were told that we’ll only get tags after 22:00PM and no one is allowed to go out before then. So we headed in with an understanding that we are VIP’s and only to be told by securities at the VIP access point that they cannot allow us in without tags, though we had the tickets. So we had to walk back to the main gate to get tagged and the securities were all lost, surely there was no workshop to take them through the daily procedures, I personally hate greedy event organizers.

On the note of the greedy organizers, all VIP persons were given drinking vouchers that worth more than R500 each, told at the gate that these will only be used until 00:00 midnight, at the VIP area beverages and food were free but outside beverages were on sale, so as we were there to cover the event, one was not allowed to leave the VIP area with their drinks to the stage side where beverages were sold cash, so since we had vouchers and were told that those work at the stage side, we were like cool.

At about 23:00PM we wanted to use our vouchers outside and we were told that they work in the VIP, I mean everything was free there and at the gate we were told they work in the area outside VIP. So the organizers keep on calling Sam (Organizer) to find out about this and none was resolved, only one of the cash selling point bald girl came to us to tell us in a rather shouting manner, “There’s nothing we can do, the vouchers do not work here.”

So we went to the VIP area and none were free again, everyone wanted to use their vouchers and we were told that 00:00 midnight has already gone passed and mind you it was about 23:30PM, so these guys I am of the opinion that they started something good and thought after about the money they are going to gain should they void vouchers illegally. I mean people deserved those as they paid R850 to get access to the VIP area which was packed, so the voucher money went back in their pockets without losing a thing from their side.

The organizers were very rude and seemed to lack a person’s handling skills, I mean even if you under pressure that’s your job to be and serve people. It was honestly my first time to deal with amateurs. No personality dedicated space, no media space and dedicated tags to enable access to all areas for photo opportunities and interviews.

We were at least allowed to go to the stage to take pictures, but when big artists like AKA, MDU and many more performed, all of a sudden the lost security guard, “I am instructed not to allow anyone in the staging point.” He did not even allow even the guys who were transporting artists. The was none of the organizers' crew who was dedicated to only look after the stage side of things and securities had no one to immediately call to assist should that be required, they were clueless!

Besides all the drama and the bitchy attitude of the organizers, the artists wow us, they did what they were booked to do, gave us their best, the likes of DJ Somebody, DJ Fresh, DJ Naves, Sphecular, DJ Sbu, AKA, MDU Masilela (Making a huge comeback by performances) Mahoota, and the list is endless. In a nutshell besides all said, we had fun in terms of entertainment.

Spotted at the 60's - 

Anga Makubalo (Generations)

Thandy Matlaila (Tshisa) and Seleko (The owner of the 60s, if you want to host 60s you will need to buy rights from him)

Aaron Moloisi (SABC Presenter)

AKA - he made the stage go crazy, he recently released his single #Jealousy which is now standing on #1 on the 5FM music charts and doing some wild air rotation.

DJ Mahoota - as usual him and Vatkoek are known to make the dance floor kick and bhoboza (break). He had his table packed with the most expensive spirits and style cigars. He also went outside with some random girl who dances rather like a hooker of some sort who did not even follow the beat. Yes, the girl ended up going with them!

DJ Naves - I say wow! I say thank you! Never watched Naves live but I have to say, this man is the best. He was one of the first DJ's to play just after DJ Somebody. 

I just fell in love with the above faceless ladies, though I did not have time to ask their names. They were sweet, simple and elegant. One thing I am missing though, do the 60s have a theme? If so, I did not see that at all. Just snapped these girls because they were a bit relevant. 

Let me leave you with this, if Seleko the owner of 60s does not care much about who hosts the 60s but money, well, the brand is going to take a huge dent. Because people don't know that the 60s are hosted by different people, so whatever negativity is going to affect the brand. 

Following is Macufe in Bloemfontein - 

By @BuchuleB | More pictures will be loaded in our archives as per all events.

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