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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Exclusive Video: Kwaito Star Brown Dash’s funeral was mourned with alcohol and chaos

A man who was firmly rooted in Ekasi (Township) left the music industry with sadness this year, Simphiwe Mpamile, better known as Brown Dash left us with memories of his songs, ‘Phantsi Komthunzi Welanga’, a song that made it as a hit in South Africa.

The Sunday World reported, “died without a dime in his pocket, a pedestrian, a tramp and a poverty-stricken man who is likely to be given a pauper's funeral if good Samaritans don't come to his family's rescue.”

The paper above continued to report, “The only thing Brown Dash owned when he joined the majority were the clothes he died sleeping in.”

When Brown Dash went solo to release his own project, Phantsi Komthunzi Welanga, he turned into a star that enjoyed life on a silver platter.

TK Nciza was quoted in his remembrance of Brown Dash, “very funny character, who was passionate and loved the original kwaito sound with all his heart”. (Watch the Funeral Video below)

When 2007 came to light, it is the year that the Kwaito star cut ties with the record label that blew him up, TS Records, owned by TK Nciza and DJ Sbu. Two years later saw Brown releasing his own project ‘Back2Kasi’ which failed dismally.

He died at the age of 33, leaving behind two sons and a daughter… Unfortunately his wife made a way for him as she died last year.

On the video below we take you through how Brown was buried and laid to rest in peace…


By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB

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