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Thursday, October 25, 2012

8.ta takes ranking #1 on Facebook vs Vodacom and Cell C

Like any brand it is important to engage with your consumers, both online and offline. After analyzing Bonang Matheba as a brand on Twitter, now, my focus is on 8ta network, which is a part of South Africa’s leading Telco brand, Telkom. I’ve decided to analyze their behavior on Twitter based on my experience and the time span they take in replying to their consumers. As a young brand of a big company like Telkom, well, I think if they keep this type of engagement going forward, they will win their consumers on social networks, which have now become part and parcel of the daily lives of  young South Africans. This will then massively lead them into gaining more consumers that will see greater chances of associating themselves with the brand that caters for their needs and provides feedback with a snap of a finger.

8ta! Is a proudly South African Telco and an innov8tive and exciting company passion8 about offering you great value and service. You may visit them or using your mobile phone , you can also send them your queries to

They have been on Twitter since 10 of October 2010, they get retweeted every 8.5% tweets. They tweet 18.5% of tweets per day, Retweets every 17 tweets and finally they favoring every 1678.1 tweets.

Analysis -

Followers: 14050 | Following: 2010 | Tweets: 13425

Top Followers –

@Bonang_M | Bonang 'B*' Matheba

@BigConcerts | BIG Concerts

@City_Press | City Press Online

@DieHeuwels | Die Heuwels

@mybroadband |MyBroadband

@LeighAnnMol |Leigh-Ann Mol

@Arthur999_ | Arthur Mafokate

@PoppyIsMyName | Poppy Ntshongwana

@RelebogileM | Relebogile Mabotja

@MoraleVeritaz | Morale (Thabo)

@jo_annstrauss | Jo-Ann Strauss

@redbull | Red Bull

@MTVbaseAfrica | MTV Base Africa

@TholiBSA | Rofhiwa T Bologo

@Mxit | Mxit

Mentions – 1.5% which makes up a total of 71

Retweets – 5.9 which makes up a total of 274

Plain Tweets 6.2% which makes up a total of 287

Here’s an example of their plain tweet – “Reasons to check voicemail. 1% to hear what they have to say. 99% to get rid of the missed call icon.”

Replies – 73.3% which makes up a total of 3409

Links – 12.9% which makes up a total of 598

The above analysis is based on analyzing 4650 Tweets out of their total of 13425 tweets. Considering the number of tweets analyzed, 8.ta is behaving great and interact with their consumers very well on Twitter.

Property Name      Likes     Rank            7 days          1 month          3 months

8.ta                     43,944      137,589        ▲1.2%         ▲9%            ▲16.4%

Vodacom           216,939      38,135         ▲0.6%         ▲3.5%          ▲12.2%

Cell C                52,306        121,401       ▲3.3%         ▲11.2%         ▲24.4%

The above comparison is based on the property's Facebook pages, that I compared using their URL links from their Facebook pages. Because of interactivity 8.ta once again has to pride itself by ranking number one with a growth of 1.7% in 7 days, 9% in 1 month and 16% in 3 months.  As much as Cell C's growth shows a massive development compared to 8.ta network, yet it ranks second position because 8.ta is more powerful when it comes to consumer engagement online.

The fact that 8.ta has less likes compared to the two networks but there's a huge potential for grow, bearing in mind that they rank number 1. I would advise 8.ta to use more of a Kasi language approach as they did with their name. Use more of questions and rewards to their consumers, compel the consumer into taking action when updating status.

In closing, congratulations to the 8.ta team for being the best social network assistants to their consumer. The future is bright, especially if they develop more network poles to increase their signal strength.

By Buchule Raba | Independent Journalist |Online Reputation Manager Consultant | Content Management | | 081 752 7540 | @BuchuleB

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