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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Penny Lebyane blusters on Twitter about her disapproval of Bonang Matheba

Penny Lebyane that's not how you mother someone...

After a local Telly personality Penny Lebyane was quoted in the papers today showing her disappointment on Bonang Matheba’s decision to drop the charges against the ex bully boyfriend Themba Nkosi better know as DJ Euphonik, she went on Twitter to bluster defending her statement or rather how she felt about her dropping the charges to the media.

Lebyane was quoted as saying, "I understand the pressure Bonang is going through, but I feel dropping the charges is a huge setback in the fight against violence to women.” She also highlighted that Matheba has a huge responsibility to explain why she dropped the charges – while on the other side assault and abuse are one of the biggest problems that the country is facing right now.

First of all I understand that Bonang Matheba is a public citizen and what she does in public she has somehow a responsibility to justify it – I don’t think what she decides on her personal life has anything to do with the public. Secondly Matheba never publicized her case but she was subjected to a trial by the media. Thirdly, what’s wrong when a person has explained that they decided to settle out of court? Matheba has a freedom of choice and that should not be confused with the responsibility to account publicly, she did not misuse any state funds, but dealing with her trauma the best way suitable for her and not for Penny Lebyane.

I don’t see respect when Lebyane takes this to Twitter while on the other hand she’s claiming not to cause more hurt, her (Matheba’s) Publicist explained that she will issue out a statement when she’s ready, so is Lebyane God that she can’t wait? Whether a person is a public or private citizen, well, it is only human to respect the choices they make personally. She also does not care that she took the matter to Twitter as she tweeted, "I addressed it here because it's already in the public domain. I did reach out to B after the Drum article and showed her my support for her." Why don't you then continue the support as you claim to have done so? Why kick a person when they are down?

The fact that People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA’s) spokesman was quoted as saying, “If Bonang sees it fit to drop the charges then it is her decision. Every woman’s case is unique and every choice must be respected.” I don’t blame POWA Matheba is not a minor and no one can decide what she does with her personal life – she after all has a public and a personal life too.

As for Penny comparing private citizens and Matheba was not wise enough, talking as if POWA will advise private citizens otherwise. You are forgetting one thing, Matheba did not go to POWA to seek advice about dropping the charges, that was a personal matter and I am sure her legal team gave her the best advice.

Going to rant on Twitter does not show respect to the Victim at all. Now how many young women will seek advice from you as a mother, I mean, knowing that if they decide to drop the charges you’ll victimize them via social networks? What Lebyane did was uncalled for, if she wanted to make herself clear she should have visited Matheba from the first place to show her support.

Matheba has got the right to be and it is not her place to judge her by the choice she took on dropping the charges. The feeling of being in Court is traumatic to anyone and  Bonang has had enough besides her decision to settle out of court and that should be respected. Let's stop being self serving hypocrites, Matheba has made her own personal choice.

A collection of Penny Lebyane's Tweet:

By Buchule Raba

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