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Friday, September 14, 2012

Parents Please I beg you to encourage the Natalie's of tomorrow

The London 2012 Paralympics games, was another success story for South Africa just as it was in Beijing four years ago. We again witnessed our athlete’s display some moments of magic in raising our Rainbow flag in style. The proud team returned home with an impressive eight gold’s and 12 silver medals in a total of 29 haul. Just stirring of all concerned, myself included for sure.

Again, it's also joyful that our Paralympics team will receive the same bonuses as the Olympics group. It really puzzled me at first when South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee announced little bonuses for our Paralympics, it raised a lot of questions, but in the end it was refreshing and sweetening for our heroes to receive the same as our Olympians.

A total of 400 000 for a gold and 200 000 for the silver medal with Bronze going with a handy 80 000-not bad rewards for our heroes, surely. As a result a whopping 7million plus will be paid out to them in total. The Joy of the nation in welcoming them back home says a lot to their lives, we make them belong.

Yes, it's said that we witnessed our legendary golden girl Natalie du Toit for the last time, as she is retiring from the competitive swimming. But she bows out in style-three gold’s and silver in London, surely she has to take it with a wide smile. But is there another du Toit to take over? It raises a question of do we enough disabled youngsters in our junior ranks?

It's very critical and essential for our parents to encourage young disabled children’s to participate in sports, because as much as it sounds bad, but it's true-that not everybody’s future is in the classroom. Even the likes of Oscar, du Toit never knew at first that sports will be their future. So to everyone's concern, young stars with disabilities should be encouraged to pursue a career in sports-there is a life.

To all young ones to have an athlete like Oscar to look up to, should be definitely an inspiration for them and they owe it to themselves to model their path to them. Good luck for our team in Rio de Janeiro in four years.

By Fanele Mbuyazi | DO NOT FORGET TO HIT LIKE ON THE 'Friends of Macufe' Facebook page top right corner...

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