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Friday, September 21, 2012

Parenting 411: How to solve a problematic child

Albert Einstein once said  no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

It’s sad that many young mothers, even the so called being mothers for as long as I know, do struggle, yes they do, to solve problematic children. But smacking, mocking and using propaganda to solve kids is a mess on its own. So I have spent time once again doing research on how to solve these “His/her father was like that when growing up” kids.

A very big and validated source ehow, says in order to solve your child’s behavioral problems, you must first understand what normal behavior is for your child. Biting in a child that is teething isn’t as severe of a problem as a child who bites out of anger. When you comprehend what to expect of a child, it’s easier to solve the problem.

I personally think we also have to look at the genesis (history) of the problem before going on to solve the problem at stake – doing so will also calm parents down and do things at a level that will shade respect for the child and oneself.

ehow, provides seven (7) great steps to follow when dealing with a problem child –

Ignore the bad behavior. Children often act out because they want attention, even negative attention. But if you ignore the bad behavior, you aren't giving in to their demands.

Punish your child when necessary. Appropriate punishment can teach your child that this behavior is not acceptable.

Introduce a new behavior. Next time your child hits in anger, explain why it's not appropriate. Then, give your child another way to express that anger, for example, by using words.

Reward good behavior. When your child gets positive attention, he won't feel like he has to act up to get noticed. And the reward will make your child more eager to please you again.

Be consistent. Ignoring a behavior one time and rewarding it another time is confusing for your child. Set clear standards and stick to them.

Avoid situations that bring out behavior problems. As a parent, if you know that your child gets cranky if he doesn't get enough sleep, you need to make sure he has adequate time for rest.

Recognize when a behavior problem is more serious. Some behavioral problems could be a sign of a serious disorder. These disorders are easy to treat once they're diagnosed. If you have any questions, contact your child's doctor.

As far as I am concerned, this will help many South African parents, both the so called I have been a parent for years and I know how to parent my child and those young teen-mothers who struggle to parent their kids, because they lack a good parenting background themselves. Nowadays we need a generation of mothers that will seek modern and acceptable ways to nurture their young ones.

Was the above information helpful? Please leave your comments below or email me anything you would like me to research for you -

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