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Monday, August 27, 2012

Telly is so boring – wait! Scandal on etv ROCKS BIG TIME!

I love television, sometimes it’s annoying, boring, lack of great concepts, you name them. For a while I have been watching this newsroom driven etv soapie, Scandal and it proved to be the best ever scripted television soapie in South Africa compared to the dull production of Mfundi Mvundla’s Generations. As for Isidingo 'The Need' - I use to watch that Telly sketch some years ago.

Scandal on etv ROCKS!

The prime time show revolves around the lives of the people involved in the newly refurbished, Jozi media house, NZH. The company that produces the gritty weekly newspaper, The Voice, and the gloss-glam, celeb mag, Scandal.

Been comparing a lot of shifts between Generations and Scandal to such an extent that I saw myself rating 4/10 Generations and 8/10 Scandal – the way they shift from one character to another is lovely and you’d swear that reality is shaping place.

When watching the soapie you get to see and know how the pressured professional and personal lives of management and journalists collide, of course not forgetting how their loved ones suffer, as they trap and getting emotionally involved as they rush to find exclusives, meet the deadlines, push to make the big bucks and increase sales through the business of selling news.

Not that I want to sound scandalous but Scandal has it all parked, provocative plots, conflicts, confrontations and crisis, including forever emerging family feuds, you name them. I fully agree that the soapie is scripted to leave no stones unturned. It is amazing how it got to be known for revealing controversial issues like alcoholism, drug addiction, and depression while also helps the viewer understand that with these addictions one can recover.

I wish we can develop into making successful productions like Scandal – the soapie has been just amazing since its commencement and of course improvements along the way. Big ups to the team involved!

Leo Anthony Gallager once said, "I wish there was a knob on the TV so you could turn up the intelligence.  They got one marked "brightness" but it don't work, does it?" Watching Scandal does not require any viewer to turn up intelligence - for it is there already.

So don't forget to watch Scandal Mondays - Thursdays at 7:30 PM Soak yourself in Scandal!

By Staff Buchule Raba

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