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Friday, August 3, 2012

South African Publicists are lazy – they just want a paycheck

Buchule Raba
What is publicity to a typical South African Publicist? To get your client on television, radio, papers, invites to events? Yes that’s correct, to create a BUZZ around your artist(s) or rather say clients.

Comparing SA and countries abroad, the concept of publicity or being a publicist is taken so cheap here at home and that’s so massively disgusting.

Dear South African lazy Public Relations (PR) companies!

Yes, what I have listed above is part and parcel of your job. But I have a question, are you doing your jobs or you just want a paycheck at the end of the month? I mean we have great talent in SA under your PR companies but do you manage to get them out there? No! So far the only PR company that has managed to get artists like Miza (Honestly never knew him) out there is Aptitude PR and Consulting. Also I have to say big ups to Melanie Ramjee for the wonderful PR services she’s been offering her clients.

Alright! Let me tell you where to get off the hike for a while, your job as a Publicist as I have mentioned above is to create a buzz around your clients. See tips and questions below...

#1 When your artists or clients are doing a charity event(s) you need to sneak that information out to the media, yes not all we are going to publish but it is worth a try.

#2 When your artist is going shopping you need to once again inform the paparazzi (Photojournalists) so that they can follow that artist and take some nice photographs. Remember, fans like to see what their role models or stars are doing or where are they shopping. Are you lazy to do your jobs?

#3 Do you guys even do surveys about your clients? No! It could be online or physical surveys in events asking people randomly about their knowledge of your client(s) to see if there’s an awareness about s/he or rather that particular company.

#4 Do you guys become publicists under cover? No! Which is a winning one to talk with people anyhow about your client to seek their opinion. This is for you to know what people are saying because the mouth to mouth advertising is so powerful…

#5 Do you guys know how to issue out press statements when clients are in bad terms within the public by the press? Can you guys fight for them? No! What are you guys getting paid to do actually? To lazy around?

#6 You guys did an introduction to journalism basics and we never did an introduction to PR – but we still beat you to the PR you studied. As the saying goes, “Best PR comes from Journalists…”

#7 Do you guys know how to nurture a brand? Do you guys know that if your client is not happy they will not do well? Do you guys create a means of communication with the artists’ management or company?

#8 Do you guys know how to use digital media to check who’s saying what about your clients online? Is it positive, negative or neutral? You SA publicists are so South African for your own pockets.

#9 Do you South African Publicists go back to the media outlets and find out why your client(s) was not featured after you sent a request? Honestly what’s wrong with you guys?

#10 Do you guys do guerilla marketing for your clients? Or are you guys acting all digital while you know nothing about the digital space? Honestly you need to wake up and smell the coffee…

#11 Finally, can you guys do a winning PR campaign and stop whining about artists not attending what you HAVE scheduled for them? Or rather say may you guys go back to school and study Public Relations’ practices?

It is really sad that our artists fail to get the desired publicity while they are in contracts with you. I beg you to wake up and do your damn jobs! It is sad that artists are challenged by the media while they are paying people who studied intro to journalism to help them tackle the questions twisted by Journalists. Mara! What are you being paid to do? Your job is creating a BUZZ around your client and make sure their reputation and that of their brand is protected. Sometimes I even ask myself what is the content or rather agreement on these contracts? What are the terms?

Thank you very much! I’m FREE and available for consulting.

The Editor

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