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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Radio 2000 to hit your Telly screens via SABC 3's Expresso breakfast show

For those who always dreamed to see their Radio 2000 breakfast team personalities on their telly screens, now it's time - ke nako. South Africa’s fastest growing  radio station Radio 2000 will be taking radio to television again on the 15th of August, announced the station.

The ‘Morning Joy’ breakfast team will be live on SABC 3’s premier breakfast show Expresso between 06h00-08h30.

Listeners and viewers can tune in to see Justice Ramohlola, Nthateng Lerata and Lebo Motsoeli with what promises to be an informative, educational and musical treat. The ‘Morning Joy’ breakfast team will also be interacting and interviewing various stakeholders’ and SABC 3 personalities.

Some of the highlights will be the interviews with Expresso Executive Producer Patience Stevens, popular opera singer Lynelle and former SABC 1 continuity presenter Zama. This is an opportunity for radio 2000 to connect with old and new audiences, highlighting the growth and new frontiers that the station is taking on.

‘Radio 2000 is proud to be in association with SABC 3, as this will allow our listeners to engage with Radio 2000 and SABC 3 personalities on a new level, SABC 3 is one of South Africa’s most loved and watched channels. Said’ Mr. Carlito Sheikh Radio 2000 station manager.

We now wait and see where will the relationship of the voice and voice/visuals stations will end. Remember 5FM took their personalities on television and it was an awesome experience for South African telly audience and radio listeners. Hopefully we'll not be bored at all. Imagine if radio stations broadcast via telly, well, we'll not see the need to tune into our radios which is a risk to RAMS and advertisers that uses the medium.

So don't forget to watch the SABC 3's premier breakfast show Expresso tomorrow between 06h00 - 08h30.

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