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Friday, August 31, 2012

Lance Armstrong's reputation may be in tatters - is there any test to prove his guilt?

I’m still shocked, stunned and puzzled by the way the Lance Armstrong doping case is being concluded-really traumatized and shattered, and can’t believe it and I feel for the cycling world because they are the biggest losers for my partiality. How can the great Armstrong be stripped off his Tour de France titles, without proof of doping?
It started a long time ago and adverse Lance has never failed the drug test but it his colleagues who accused him of taking ‘drug enhancing test, but the man himself have never ever failed a drug test, so how can he be stripped off his titles? Is this fair to him and sports in general? What does it mean to the whole cycling family? For me it's poor handling and maybe, just maybe-“personal agendas”.

Shouldn’t the player be found guilty first? And even after that it has to be proved before he can be stripped off his achievements. He was accused before and they fail to prove it and he rightfully walks free, what has changed since then and now? I know it's unfair of me to take a side as writer, but some things are just hard to defend, like this case to poor Lance.

To some extent I support his statement when he says, ‘after what his family and himself gone through about this before, he won’t contest it again, if they want to strip him-let them do so’. What more can he do now. As far as I know, you are a suspect until proven guilty. So it's a shame for him to be called a “CHEAT” but not proven that he is guilty entirely. 

Can someone come out and prove-test it? No one. So why must he be suspected and striped off, just like that? Landis was proven with his doping positive test and he confessed having used the performance enhancing drug and that's why he was stripped off his title, 2008. Alberto Contador has been banned but not stripped off, because they still try to prove his guilt. So why to Lance with a similar case being treated differently?

It's a shame to our sports, cycling in particular, we have seen similar cases in soccer and players are proven and suspended and punished accordingly, also in cricket etc. But such cases, we never heard of-being punished without proven guilty, this is new. I think Cycling Committee is the biggest loser on this one, shame to everyone involved. We will live to tell the story…

By Fanele Mbuyazi

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