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Thursday, August 2, 2012

DJ Zinhle is not only beautiful & Adorable as a female DJ but she’s educated too

We Met DJ Zinhle at the South African Music Conference (SAMC) that was held this year Durban, South Africa. After she did her encouraging session about women in the music industry, we thought nothing else than to do a follow up on this youthful and funky South African Disc Jockey (DJ). So we chatted about her personal life, education, career and her Djying Academy, Fuse. The interview was very inspiring and we found out three things you did not know about her...

“I am a typical girl so I obviously dream of a tall and handsome man with a beautiful heart and a smile.”


Who's DJ ZInhle?

I am a simple girl who is just blessed to be living the life of a DJ. I am a lover of all things good and simple, very hyper when comfortable but generally shy. I am just that girl who believes in the good God, hard work, dreaming, love and kindness.

Where did she grow up?

I grew up in Natal in a small town called Dannhauser but before that my family and I lived in Kwamdakane, which is more rural area.

How was it growing up there?

Growing up there was simple from where I stand now, life was carefree, I had a very happy and loving childhood. We didn’t have running water and lights so we used candles and fetched water and this was not a problem at all. We lived our lives. Both my parents were teachers and they put great emphasis on education.

How many siblings do you have?

My mom and dad, together, have four kids, two boys and two girls. My dad also has two other kids, a girl and a boy.

What's your favorite color?

I love pink but I have recently found a love for white.

2-3 things we don't know about you?

I cannot multitask at all.
I love Chris Brown.
I have a phobia of balloons.

Are you single?

Sadly, right now I am.

Do you ever dream or see yourself in matrimony?

With the kind of job I have, I can only dream.

If yes to the above Q, what kind of a husband would you desire?

I want someone who has their own identity, their own dreams, someone who works hard and is inspired. I want someone who will inspire me and believe in me. I am a typical girl so I obviously dream of a tall and handsome man with a beautiful heart and a smile.


 Where did you study and what qualification?

I studied at UJ, I have a Marketing diploma.

How important is education to you as an artist?

It is extremely important, either than the fact that I have something that I can always fall back in should my career as a DJ fail, my qualification has helped me a lot in my DJ career. A lot of the things I learnt at school are helping me a lot in my career right now. I am a Marketer and I apply all those skills to the DJ Zinhle brand and Fuse Academy.

What would you love to study say you were to go back to school?

I would probably study Branding. I love it.


Was becoming a house DJ your dream from an early age?

Not at all.

How do you tackle the perceptions about female DJ's?

I am not really sure what the perceptions are and I am not really trying to find out. LOL. I am just aware that there are many opportunities for female DJs in this country and I want to do my best to succeed and help other females succeed too. It is clearly that the DJ industry is growing positively, however it is largely dominated by males and that, for me, means that females have opportunities but there is a lot of work that comes with these opportunities.

What is the pillar of your strength?

I believe in the Good God, the one who has great plans for me, the one who loves and recognizes my good intentions, that is the same God that has blessed me with people like my brother Zak, who is my strength, friend and advisor. God has also blessed me with people who believe and support me like Oskido. I also talk to my girls Nomndeni and Masego about everything, and their love and care for me inspires me to be better.

How long did it take you to crack it in the industry?

It is only this year that I feel that I have some kind recognition in the industry and this is my eighth year in the business.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

Oskido is my hero, he has done so much but more than anything, he has helped a lot of people build successful careers, including myself.

What was your turning point in the industry, the time you felt like this is not working?

Fortunately, I haven’t had one of those.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years to come?

The DJ ZinhIe brand will definitely be bigger. I am trying to break into the radio and television space, so hopefully I will be working in that space. I also want to grow musically, so I hope I would have released more good music.

What is your advice to up and coming female DJ's?

Hard work pays off.

About Academy

When did you decide you want to start the academy?

It was in 2008.

What triggered you to start it?

I met a lot of girls who wanted to learn how to DJ but had nowhere to go. They asked me if I could teach them and I felt helpless when I couldn’t so I had to find a way to help and Fuse Academy was that plan.

What are the core functions of the academy?

Teaching the girls the basic skill of Deejaying, but more than that we prepare them for the industry by offering workshops such as Mental Skills Training, Personal Branding, Marketing and Industry advice.

What does one need to get enrolled there?

They need to be female and over the age of 18.

Who accredits the academy?

DJ Mix Club.

What age do you enroll at the academy?

18 and above.

How does the registration process work?

We give the student an application form that they need to to fill in and send back to us. The course is two months long so we enroll students every two months.

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