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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yizo Yizo will be back on our Telly Screens

The popular 13-part local drama series looks at the problems faced by pupils in South Africa's education system as a result of a breakdown in the culture of learning and teaching leading to a sense of helplessness among parents, students and teachers.

Issues of drug abuse, gangsterism and rape are tackled. Focusing on Supatsela High School, the story revolves around an autocratic cane-wielding principal who is forced to leave after he assaults a pupil. His successor is weak and corrupt and the situation in the school deteriorates with gangsters and criminal elements filtering through.

The principal is eventually dismissed and replaced by Grace Letsatsi and under her leadership, the community gets together to retake ownership of the school. The students are empowered and able to express their views.


School principal (Patrick Ndlovu); Grace Letsatsi (Nambitha Mpumlwana); Javas (Meshack Mavuso); Zakes (Jet Novuka; Nomsa (Charmaine Mtinta; Chester (Ernest Msibi); Papa Action (Ronnie Nyakale); Thiza (Tshepo Ngwane); Hazel (Nomonde Gongxeka); Edwin Thapelo (Patrick Shai); Gunman (Christopher Kubheka); Zoe Cele (Sthandiwe Msomi); Bobo (Innocent Masuku); Mantwa (Lorraine Mphephi) and Dudu (Noluthando Maleka).

Episode Summaries

Episode 1

It is the first day of school at Supatsela High and teachers and pupils prepare for another year of learning.

Strict and conservative school principal, Mthembu is outraged at the graffiti defacing walls, Javas and his mischievous friends Bobo and Sticks hassle the teachers, check out the girls and get harassed by school thug Papa Action.

We meet Thiza, who is mesmerised by the beautiful new girl Hazel, who is already the cause of friction between Nomsa, Dudu and Mantwa.  Zoe, a new and enthusiastic teacher quickly cross paths with the dictatorial management style of Principal Mthembu, as does gang leader, Chester.  Chester finds a way to get even.

Episode 2

Hazel is being wooed by the smooth and charming taxi driver, Sonnyboy.  An attempt by Sticks to liven up the school with his dreadlocks has dire consequences.  At the first assembly Mthembu announces an essay competition and it is clear that Thiza has his heart set on the trophy.

Sticks breaking a “hairstyle” rule sees differing opinions on issues of discipline and Zoe is at the spotlight of this controversy, it quickly becomes clear that not all teachers are as enthusiastic as Zoe such as Ken Mokoena, the popular history teacher, who is perhaps a little too interested in the ladies.

A midnight delivery of textbooks astonishes, Mkhize, the groundsman.

Episode 3

Sexuality is a key issue in this episode, as we see exploration of this in classrooms, in the elections process and in auditions.  Nomsa is self-conscious about her looks, Sonnyboy is working on his relationship with Hazel and Javas is late for school.  Amid the call for SRC elections the debate over the role of women in leadership is heated.

Auditions start for Sophiatown and Zoe again clashes with Mthembu.  A netball match with Nomsa and Hazel, watched by Chester ends in violence.

Episode 4

A practical joke with explosive consequences turns the tables at Supatsela High, with Nomsa in the middle.

Principal Mthembu takes discipline one step too far and the District Education Officer is called onto the scene.  Students and teachers all have to deal with thesituation as everyone starts to jostle for position.

Thiza pursue Hazel with a little unwanted help from Sticks, we discover Ken’s relationship with shady Tavern owner Bra Gibb and Javas tries to redeem himself with Nomsa.

Episode 5

There is tension between Hazel and Snowy over Snowy’s drinking problem.  Javas has a confrontation with his father which leads to his father removing him school.

Whilst Sonnyboy puts pressure on Hazel about their relationship, Thiza finally declares his love for her.  Essay results are announced and Thiza is unpleasantly surprised.

The school has to come to terms with life without Mthembu and with Ken and Edwin as candidates, the new acting principal is announced.

Episode 6

Ken announces that there is going to be a bash to celebrate the end of term.

Javas and Nomsa are forced to be together and Javas apologises for the trick he played with her bag.  Thiza confronts Ken about his low essay marks, much to Ken’s annoyance.

The school begins to feel the effects of life without Mthembu’s order.  Zoe and Edwin begin to open up to each other.

Chester enters the school and starts to woo Thiza.  The bash explodes into the beginning of chaos.  Sonnyboy rapes Hazel.

Episode 7

First day after the holidays, students and teachers come back to find the school destroyed.

Hazel tells Snowy that she thinks she is pregnanat after being raped by Sonnyboy.  Snowy confides about her relationship with Ken whilst she was at school, who is also the father of her child.

Chester and his gang make their presence felt in the school.  The SRC and concerned teachers try to deal with the chaos in the school but Ken is indifferent.

Javas and Nomsa open up at each other.  Hazel tells Nomsa about the rape.  Thiza, overcome with a sense of loss over Hazel and his academic’s, becomes part of Chester’s gang.

Episode 8

Javas and Nomsa’s relationship is on the mend as they meet in the early morning to go running.  Thiza visits Hazel at home to find out why she hasn’t been coming to school.

Papa Action and his thugs start disrupting classes and intimidate students and teachers at Supatsela High.  Edwin intervenes.

Ken is not performing as the new headmaster and the school starts to descend into the realms of chaos.  Zoe tries to keep her class together and continue teaching.

Bra Gibb sends in the heavies and Edwin is shot.  Ken is taken hostage by Thulas and Javas mediates Ken’s release.

Episode 9

Thiza visits Hazel again and their romance blossoms as they spend the day together.

Things are not looking good at Supatsela High, Nomsa and Javas arrive at school to find the students in a rage.  The teachers are feeling threatened and students are demanding Thulas’s release.

Dudu is kidnapped and raped by Chester and his gang.  When the news reaches the school, the students go on rampage.  Ken leaves the school in a hurry.

The Department of Education intervenes and Parents come together with the teachers to try and deal with the crisis in the school.

Episode 10

The new principal, Grace Letsatsi, arrives at Supatsela and is abruptly introduced to the problems facing the school from both the students and teachers.

The flirtation is developing between Javas and Nomsa’s.  thiza has come to his senses about Chester and wants to end this relationship but Chester wont let go and hunts him down.

Grace has a meeting with the parents to ask for their help, she quickly dismisses any doubts about her capabilities.

Thiza is forced by Chester to take part in a horrific shooting.

Episode 11

Teachers and students, under the leadership of new headmistress Grace Letsatsi, are inspired to start straightening out Supatsela High.

Haunted by the killing, Thiza withdraws from Hazel and she is puzzled by his sudden change of behaviour.

Bobo takes an overdose of Mandrax.

Grace confronts Ma Jordan about drugs, which are being sold in front of her shop.  Zaza tries out Zoe’s teaching methods and gets a warm reaction from the students.

Nomsa, feeling let down by Javas, agrees to go out on a date with Lesego.  Javas is jealous.

Episode 12

Ma Jordan takes action when she finds Papa Action feeding drugs to her son.  Grace agrees to hold a bash at the school and the SRC drafts a code of conduct for the night that includes no alcohol, weapons and drugs.

Zoe finds out she is being retrenched and Edwin and the students are miserable about this.  Nomsa’s date with Lesego takes an unhappy turn.

Chester and Papa Action try to disrupt the school again and Zakes arrives just in time to diffuse the situation.  Thiza and Zakes reports Chester and the shooting to the police.

The community has had enough and makes a citizen arrest on Papa Action.  Chester takes his revenge on Zakes.

Episode 13

On the last day of term Grace (with the help of a number of the parents and teachers) presides over a bash very different from the one that marked the beginning of Ken’s administration.  Against a background of pounding Kwaito rhythms (courtesy of TKZee) Nomsa and Javas finally declare themselves to each other, as, in a quieter moment, do their teachers, Zoe and Edwin.  Bra Gibb, not one to suffer any setback for long, is present too, but resolute Principal Letsatsi ejects him before he can make his presence felt.

Genre: Local Drama

Date: Thursday 09 August 2012

Time: 22h00

# of Episodes: 13

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