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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Racial abuse court case for John Terry and Antonio Ferdinand is on the way in London

The five days racial abuse court case for John Terry and Antonio Ferdinand is on the way in London. This date back in October last year at Loftus Road stadium when Chelsea were beaten 1-0 by QPR, in a dramatic fashion that saw Chelsea finished the first half with nine men after Drogba and Bosingwa red cards, and concede a penalty. 

After the match a row of racial abuse between Terry and Ferdinand erupted. It was alleged that Terry is strongly denying but Antonio and his brother Rio are staying certain on it. As a results Terry was stripped off England captaincy and resulting in Fabio Capello resigning as English coach toward EURO, a lot has indeed happened as a result-the good and the bad.

But regardless of the outcome, racial abuse in sport is a disgrace to football in general. It's really amazing that up to these years we’re living in there can still be players who can racial abuse their colleagues still. To be frank with you the English Premiership, that is regarded as a best League in the world by far-almost in all departments. The League that has produced the world best players certainly, it's really intriguing! And out of all, but Terry!

In the past few years, we have experienced a series of RACIAL ABUSE, latest at EURO 2012. If this is happening at the top stage, then how much of it is happening at grass root level, gone unnoticed? So it might happen that ‘they’ are trying to de-cultivate the problem up there instead of starting from starting point-grass root level. Players need to be educated about the spitefulness of racial abuse in the game.

It really puzzled me how players can get to that state of mind of abusing another player, how? So what is the solution? Burn abusers in our beautiful game, if it's done by a colleague, so if a devotee? Then I think a rule of burning all the fans of that team can be a solution and the particular fan club has to pay.

Another twist in the tail Suarez did the same to United Evra, and was banned 12 matches and fined, so why a similar case treated differently? Only the FA can answer this one, surely not me, I can only judge their fairness to all parties involved including the Uruguayan Suarez.

With all being said and done, regardless of Terry’s saga outcome, racial abuse is pathetic and an embarrassing plantation that 'together' we have to kill and bury it.  To all football bosses and associations the ball is in your court, score or shoot wide…

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