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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bonang Matheba PRESS charges against DJ Euphonik and decides to play hide and seek!

Those were the days Bonang will worship the soil Euphonik walks
"On that day (of the incident now before the court), he hit me on the body and slapped me in the face. On another occasion he slapped me across the face following an argument.

"He later apologised and we put the incident behind us. He assaulted me again in the same year. This time he punched me in the face while we were driving from his place to mine,"  As quoted in the reports.

A local newspaper reported that Bonang Matheba who accused Themba Nkosi better known as DJ Euphonik did not appear at the Randburg Magistrate Court yesterday. This follows after Matheba ‘Queen B’ accused Euphonik of mental and physical abuse. The paper also quoted her affidavit as saying, “Nkosi brutally assaulted her throughout their relationship.” 

However, the reason of her not respecting the cause of law and appear in Court is still untold, but I trust her lawyers will soon make it clear. Or maybe Queen B has far more important things than appearing in "Stupid" Courts? Should have thought about the process of law before laying the charges...

I personally feel Bonang should get over and done with this as soon as possible before it affects her brand sponsors. Its either she goes to Court or just drop the charges against the Disc Jockey so that the dust may settle down. Because now we’ll be having numerous questions about the occurrence of the alleged assault. 

I would not be in a standing to judge Themba Nkosi but after his Twar with Ntsiki Mazwai one would swear this man has anger management problems, as claimed by Bonang Matheba. Should the above be the case, he must go to anger management classes because we cannot have so called alpha men who are abusive towards women. Once again he must just grow up and stop this sh!t, of course if Matheba’s claims are legitimate.

The former lover’s next or rather his next Court appearance will be on August 26, 2012. Hopefully Queen B will Dazzle and stage the Randburg Magistrate Court before the Magistrate Vincent Pienaar see this as a joke and waste of state resources, I mean we have piles of cases needs to be attended than Bonang Matheba playing hide and seek.

Matheba was recently crowned the Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the year reader’s choice award...

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